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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"In the Summertime ... When the Weather is High ...

... you can stretch right up an' touch the sky ... when the weather's fine ..."


It’s not too late to get your summer on. Keep it going even after you flick that last piece of sand off your foot. These can help bring the season out of you.


BEACH GIRL BEAUTY The 9th Wave Exfoliator ($16/10oz @ in Gidget’s Paradise doubles as a body wash and exfoliator using sugar and oils to soothe parched skin.


YAROK Serum 4 Chill After Sun ($50/2oz @ is a treatment for hair and scalp that contains 94% organic ingredients to repair and nourish after a long day in the sun.

Get your relaxation on with DEMETER Mojito Cologne Spray ($20/1oz @ and take a mental vacation through your nose.

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