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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is There an Alternative to Petroleum Jelly? Yes, Waxelene!

I have a friend that carries a small plastic jar of a well-known petroleum jelly with her wherever she goes and is constantly applying it. So when I got hold of WAXELENE, I knew we would have to have an immediate meet up so I could have her try it; not so much so she could put something better on her lips but more so that I didn't have to watch her slap it on every 5 minutes! Ha!

What I also found out when we discussed the issue is that she has a tube or tub of something similar to the aforementioned in just about every nook and cranny around her – the car, the drawer in the coffee table and even a stash in her trunk just in case she runs out.

Waxelene-The-Petroleum-Jelly-Alternative Waxelene-The-Petroleum-Jelly-Alternative-and-a-smaller-container

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