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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Is Viviscal for You? You'd Be Surprised That the Answer is Yes!

ViviscalWhen you hear the about hear about the Finnish company VIVISCAL, what do you think of? Hair thinning? Hair loss? Yeah, me too but through a 4 month trial (start date was 11/5/12) I am here to change your mind when it comes to Viviscal. While the product is about the above, it’s also about nourishing your existing strands with a combination of Biotin, vitamin C, Niacin and Iron, among others.

Now I’ve taken Biotin after hearing raves about it and it didn’t do much for me (I was hoping for nails like talons), so when I was approached to try this out, I initially declined for the above reasons. But in hindsight, I’m glad I did. What it did for me was to help with the shedding. You know how you hear your head normally sheds like 100 strands a day? Well lately I had been seeing more of thought I had been. This alone reduced that to about maybe 10 hairs a day. If you have damaged hair from over-processing, this may be one to try but it will take about 6 months of taking two tablets a day to undo the damage.

So how does it work? The combo of the above ingredients as well as a proprietary complex fish proteins to help increase the body’s production of keratin, a major hair building block.

Believe it or not, a lot of the major beauty magazines have raved about this for years for its hair health reasons and I’m jumping on that bandwagon. $50/1 month supply of 60 tabs @

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