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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

VIOLET VOSS Hashtag PRO Eyeshadow Palette


                              Some of my favorite shades L to R: Living, Petty AF, TBT, Savage, Vacay

I had a hankering for one of those shadow palettes will all super brights inside so I picked up the VIOLET VOSS Hashtag PRO Eyeshadow Palette ($45 @ Isn’t it the prettiest 7" x 5.5" palette you've ever seen? The 20 shades strong palette contains shadows that are richly pigmented and I like that there is a variation of finishes – from matte to velvety satin to shimmery. And they included a universal matte black, which I use in probably every look in one way or another.  

While I’ve only just started using the palette, so far, I think I will be reaching for it quite a bit when it comes to needing purples, neutrals and shimmers. I mean, just look at Pretty AF! Can’t wait to create a look with it.


  • Fresh – ivory
  • Sauce - nude blush
  • Savage - soft burnt orange
  • G.O.A.T- fleshy brown
  • ILY- soft blackest black
  • Truth - daffodil yellow
  • Lady Boss - golden yellow
  • No Filter - sunny copper
  • Throwback - orange bronze
  • Lit - metallic sienna
  • Vacay - ember
  • Goals - brick orange
  • FOMO - pinky coral
  • Low-Key - brown blush
  • Living - ruby
  • Sunset - dusty purple
  • Relevant - amethyst
  • TBT - berry mauve
  • Petty AF- sangria
  • Life – grape

Click after the picture below to see a look I created!



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