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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Revitalize Hands With Upper Canada Soap

Like they say on QVC, “love, love, love …” and in this case, it’s UPPER CANADA SOAP’s Revitalizing Hand Butter in Avocado ($13 @ Does anyone buy an avocado beauty product for the smell? I think not. One of the other ingredients is coming out and mixing nicely with it. Could it be the Mango Butter or Cocoa Butter? Not sure but I know it’s really nourishing and in a huge 6oz tub, this will last my hands quite some time.




Thursday, June 04, 2009

Writer Cybele Follows HER Nose

When I was little, one of my favorite books was called Little Bunny Follows His Nose. It’s a scratch-and-sniff book and I pretty much wore it out. Just remembering this book and doing a Google search for it really brings back nice memories! Maybe that’s how my fascination will scents began. Here are two I can’t stop smelling right now.

LUSH really hit it right on the nose with these new vanilla products! Gimme the Heavanilli Massage Bar ($9.95/1.9oz) for when I’m sitting in front of the TV catching up on VH1 reality shows. And then gimme the Vanilla Deelite Lotion ($24.95/8.45oz) for post shower. The Hawaiian tamanu and monoi oils in this one sink in my skin super quick. Both @



If you’ve been a reader of the site for a while, you know I’m wild about the smell of honey. I just got my hands on some of the new Naked Honey collection from MAC, so look for a feature on that coming soon. In the meantime, UPPER CANADA SOAP’s Body Butter Warm Honey Nectar ($13/6.4oz @ from the Naturally Collection, is delighting me right now. It’s really thick and is free of parabens and mineral oil and perfect for those areas that need a little extra attention like heels and elbows.


Friday, August 17, 2007

2 Fer Hands from

Farmhouse2_2Lilac is such an underrated scent when it comes to bath products so anytime I see one, I jump to scoop it up. SWEETGRASS FARM Liquid Soap in Fresh Lilac ($8.95/16.9oz @ is a very mild soap so it’s good for hands and body andUppercanada_4 some of their customers have even used it as a shampoo. Now that’s gentle!  

This new to the site line has some really fun products! UPPER CANADA SOAP have created over 2,000 products since they started in 1969 and my pick of the moment is their Fabulous Foaming Hand Wash in Pink Grapefruit Tangelo ($10/13.5oz @ from the Fruit Frappe Collection. No lathering up required here since it’s a foam. The added vitamin A, C, E, grape seed and aloe are the only thing serious about this product so have fun next time you wash up.

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