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Monday, April 15, 2019

Say #HelloSpring with Target & Unilever

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Overall, spring is probably my favorite season of the year. If you follow my blog then you know that I am big on storing away winter clothes and then making the big switch each season with pulling out the summer clothes, which is where I’m at right now. Growing up on the east coast, this is what everybody did! Do you practice this?

So each season I need to refresh my clothes with the latest styles and I do it at Target. They have the best variety of offerings when it comes to the season’s styles and a few times a year I pick up a couple different tops and dresses to carry me through. And I just unpacked a few from storage that I picked up at Target last season that I will wear again.


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Monday, March 04, 2019

#TakeANewLook19 @ Albertsons & Unilever

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Even though I live in Los Angeles, every year I look forward to spring. I think it’s just been ingrained in me since I grew up in the blizzards, rain, and snow of the east coast city of Boston. I know the rest of the nation is having some really extreme temps but spring is right around the corner and I’m currently getting the house ready for the season. My SO says I’m pretty good at moving our family from one season to the next.

Besides going through the shoe and clothing closets to get rid of things we don’t wear anymore, I also like to clean out the beauty closet to get us into new regimens for the season, and what better way than with a new batch of products from Albertsons! I’m there every week picking up my family’s food for the week, so I always make sure to pop into the beauty aisle to see the latest products coming out.

Here are some tips on how I decide on what stays and what goes:


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Friday, September 21, 2018

Score a #PersonalCareWin with Unilever this Season

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Dove Men+Care AXE Degree products at Target

I’ve pretty much avoided fall's college football season, but since my boyfriend and I moved in together, my house has become football central on Saturdays! And I must say, I don’t really mind it. Since my SO went to UCLA, the UCLA Bruins are our team. We’ve only gone to a few parties so far this fall but I feel like ours will be the best house parties out of our group of friends. We have a great space to entertain and I just love getting the house all ready for company.

Since I can only take so much viewing of the actual games, I look forward to spending some “me time” by heading over to Target to get my weekly shopping done or I just kick my feet up and shop @ Yes, girls, take advantage of getting some shopping done! Not only do we get our football food shopping done at Target when it’s our turn to host, but my boyfriend has been super open to me making suggestions in the grooming department.


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Monday, April 23, 2018

#WorkoutWithoutOdor with Unilever

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

As the temps go up, the clothes come off and you want to look good out at the beach or in that cute mini dress. So in the spring, I try and up my workout routine. As much as I’m not a fan of working out, it’s a must for me and this season I decided to try something new, boxing. I’ve only been at it for 6 weeks but it’s fun and what helps in the motivation department is my SO. He is so loyal to his workout regimen all year round, so I look at him to help me stay on track, especially when I borrow his car with the huge trunk. I see his gym bag back there and it also reminds to also stay on track. It’s the little things.



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Monday, March 19, 2018

#TakeANewLook18 at Unilever

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

This time of year is always crazy around my house. See, my SO (significant other) is a huge basketball fan, specifically, college ball, so right now, he is totally checked out of life with the NCAA March Madness and rooting for his team. He was a big time forward in his high school but a major leg injury his senior year kept him sidelined, so he didn’t play in college, but he still loves to follow it.

Are you cheering for anyone specific in your household? I don’t really follow it, so please don’t ask me. I just cheer whomever my SO is rooting for!

And it seems like everywhere I go to shop, there is March Madness in full swing, like at my local Vons. Did you know that this is the best time to stock up on your family’s favorite Unilever Personal Care products? My SO has his favorites so I make sure to always keep them in stock for him like AXE Body Spray in Fresh, Dove Men+Care Foam Body Wash in the Clean Comfort scent and Degree Men’s Dry Spray in Adventure. It’s the least I can do for all that he does for me.

Vons really does stock all the necessities in the personal care category and see a cool deal and sweepstakes they are offering at the end of this post!



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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Are You Down with #SamsClubHairCollection?

Disclaimer: Post sponsored by Mirum. All opinions are my 100% my own.

Where do you do most of your weekly shopping? Because I live in the city, there are not many warehouse stores nearby but I do make an effort to hit one up every other month when I visit my brother because I like to stock up on items like toilet paper, tissues, sneakers every few months, and of course hair care. They carry well-known Unilever brands like Suave, Suave Kids, Nexxus and TRESemmé. See more about the brands by clicking here


I love hair care items by TRESemmé like the Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner shown here. These protect from chemical, mechanical and heat damage and they are formulated with biotin to help strengthen strands.

And since we’re officially headed into the holidays, I know I’ll be entertaining at our home a lot and I never know who will show up at our doorstep! As a host, I need to be the three C’s at all times, calm, cool, collected, and I’m adding a word to this list, prepared! And it’s not just about having food at the ready. Keeping the guests bathrooms well-stocked is important as I always want my guests to feel as comfortable as if they were in their own home. That’s very important to me.




And isn’t it all about getting out of the store as quick as you can? Well Sam’s Club offers a Scan & Go app where you can use their app to scan the bar code of each product as you shop, pay for the items through the app and then show your receipt as you exit the store. No more long lines to wait in!

Learn more about the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

#SavorSweetRewards with Ice Cream from Breyers

Disclaimer: Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.

I wonder if there is a statistic that says how much ice cream sales go up each summer. I mean, there’s nothing better than cooling down with some cool, tasty ice cream and this season, the Unilever brand has got you covered with their Breyers Ice Cream and Breyers Gelato flavors.

This time of year always brings back fond memories. When I was little, us three kids were very competitive when it came to ice cream. It was the only time of the year we really looked forward to the weekly grocery shopping trip. See, each of us could pick out our favorite ice cream and we would reign over our carton throughout the week with, “if you go get my slippers, I’ll give you 2 bites of my ice cream tonight after dinner.” And of course racking up bites of the other’s ice cream so yours didn’t run out was always the goal!


Back then my preferred flavors were always the ice creams with “stuff” in them like chocolate chips and there weren’t as many as there are not to choose from. A favorite these days is Breyers Blasts! Hershey’s Mini Kisses. I pick mine up at my Vons store just down the street from me. Check out all the different flavors and brands here.


And now is the best time to stock up on ice cream! When you spend $20 on Unilever ice cream brands at participating retailers, you’ll receive a $5 digital reward to use toward to your next purchase. Simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to to receive your $5. Purchase must be made between 5/1/2017 and 9/30/17.

Breyers-Blasts-with-Mini-Hershey's-Kisses-in-a-coneLipstick – MAC Augmented Reality Matte Lipstick from the Chromat Collection

So glad I can still get my ice cream with “stuff” in it!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

#SavorSweetRewards with Magnum this Summer

Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper. Opinions are 100% my own.

Summer is for sure my favorite time of year! The clothes get lighter, the fun toys come out of the garage to use in the water and it seems like there is a fun BBQ almost every weekend. And since my brother and sister both have pools, I make sure starting Memorial Day weekend a few key essentials make it out of my garage and into my trunk for the whole summer for us and their kids to play with in the water. So that includes the pool noodles, a blow-up lounge chair with drink holder attached and, wait for it, my show stopper, the huge blow up swan that was sold out everywhere last year!

My nieces and nephews know that when I show up, Aunty always brings the fun.


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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Unilever Wants You to #TryDry

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.



Even though most of the country is experiencing abnormally high temperatures for this time of year, it’s still officially fall and it’s about to get even more official with Daylight Savings coming up this weekend. I find I do most of my house changes at this time of year, like packing away spring and summer clothes.

So with change in the air, you may find yourself needing to change some of your beauty routine up like choosing a heavier face moisturizer and changing out a lighter shade of foundation and even changing  your deodorant. I do. Unilever offers a variety of dry sprays that I’ve kind of been hooked on since discovering them last year. I like these dry sprays because they go on the skin instantly dry and since it’s colder in the house, who wants to wait around waiting for their deodorant to dry? Not me! Check out ones from AXE, Dove Men +Care, Degree and Dove at your local #Walmart.


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