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Thursday, August 18, 2011

U Color Makes Me Rethink At-Home Hair Color

Umberto-Beverly-Hills-U-Color I’ve been looking at ways to cut corners lately when it comes to my beauty routine. It recently dawned on me one morning, “why can’t I do my own hair color?” I’m an easy single-process girl, so I decided to investigate the latest in hair color technology, which led me to this one. UMBERTO BEVERLY HILLS U Color Italian Demi Color is an all-in-one packet, in that there is no mixing bottles and measuring and all the jazz. And actually, there are no bottles involved at all! It’s a large packet sectioned off into three sections – color, developer and equalizer. And you simply fold all three on top of one another, snip off the tops and apply to the hair.

It requires 25 minutes on the hair, rinse off, shampoo and condition and you’re done. Easy, right? I used their Golden Brown 6.32 color and it’s not a solid medium brown color. Some of my strands are a tad lighter than the rest so it looks pretty natural.

And let’s face it, this price point really works more with my budget then the $100+ I usually pay to get my color done in the salon. Available in 24 shades for $12 @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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