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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is Toppik Your Brow Answer?


I’ve been putting off getting my brows microbladed because, well, I’m kinda chicken to do it as it looks pretty serious. I know that my brows will look perfect for a while but I also won’t be able to try out brow products, which I love to do!

So have to get them in while I can. And up now is this one from TOPPIK and it’s their Brow Building Fibers Set ($19.95 @, You’ve probably seen those mascaras with fibers in the formula to make lashes longer? Well, it’s the same idea but for brows. My issue with brow products has always been making them look natural and now powdered/penciled in.

But don't look for any Instagram eyebrows from this set! These are all about the natural look. This 3-part system includes a wax that is applied first so the powder has something to stick to, the Brow Building Fibers and a dual-ended brush for application. With the angled side of the brush, you apply the wax along your existing brow hairs and where you want to apply the fibers. With the other rounded side of the brush, just tap some of the powder out (I used the cap) and dip the brush in and dab it on.

So how does this work? I have a scar in my left brow that I’ve always had an issue covering up completely but this one seems to cover it seamlessly and this looks so natural; probably better than the pencils I’ve been using lately.


Available in 3 shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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