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Friday, March 02, 2012

Hall of Fame *review* Terax Crema

Terax-CremaTerax Crema – Hall of Fame Worthy?

Pros – this is one of, if not thee, best hair conditioner out there.
Cons – very pricey

Does it stay in the Hall of Fame?

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Stylin’ Queen (sung to the tune of Dancing Queen)

Suddzfx_4There is truly something out there for everyone’s hair texture. Change your look by changing your styling products and here are a few to get you started.

For those of you that feel comfortable using a gel, TERAX Styling Gel fits the bill.Terax MatrixYou get a medium hold with special care from Vitamins B & E. $12/5oz @

A good friend of mine can’t seem to let go of the 80’s and her big hair. Deciding to go with it, I asked her to put down the Aqua Net in the pink can and try SUDZZ FX LockUp Firm Hold ($16.98/8oz @ Straight from her mouth – “it holds and helps me style better than the pink stuff.” Need we say more?
To help prevent sun or blow dry damage all year ‘round, a few sprays of BIOLAGE Color Care Shielding Shine Mist before applying the heating tools will prevent heat damage and it adds a nice shine and fresh scent $13.95/4.2oz @ ~Lisa

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Could These Terax Products Be Any More Perfect

Teraxes_2TERAX has revamped their whole line. I have always really liked their Shampoos ($20) and Conditioners ($20-$48) so I am focusing on those right now. They were already fantastic so I don’t know how they could have improved perfection. Well they added a new exclusive Gentlewash System to the five Shampoos. This makes each sulfate free so it doesn’t strip the hair and helps preserve hair color. And since I only use sulfate-free shamps, this is a treat!

Also new are the bottles. All the styling products are a seafoam green and the shamps and conditioners are a true blue color. Look for features of their styling products in the coming months. All @

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