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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sultra's Latest = Beachy Waves

I’ve gotten better at using the clipless curling irons these days, so much so that I am now into trying the different size barrels like this SULTRA Bombshell 1.5-Inch Rod Curling Iron ($130 @ It’s the latest addition to their tool line and helps give you those beachy waves. Just wind a 1” section of hair around the barrel, hold for a few minutes and release. The best waves are achieved when wrapping the hair away from the face and then as you move towards the back of the head, varying the direction you wrap. Using one of these irons can take a little getting used to since you have to hold the wand one way doing one side of the head and then another way when wrapping the other side but practice makes perfect!

SULTRA-Bombshell-1So what’s different about this iron from others? It generates Infrared Rays, which help mend hair and protect it (safe for color-treated too) while curling, and has Dual-Heater ThermaTru Ceramic Technology, which keeps the 350° heat constant from one end to the other.

And like every clipless should, it comes with a glove to protect the hand that does the wrapping, which if you have experience with these irons, know how easy it is to burn yourself. And the black cloth shown in the picture is an iron pad to protect it on the counter and for when it is hot or cooling down. 

I’ve been using this one with this spray and found the waves very subtle, almost too subtle, but I found that if I take smaller sections of hair, I seem to get the perfect waves that don’t look too done and actually pretty darn natural., Inc.
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