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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Love Stilettos? These Might Help with the Pain.

Just out are two products to help with those of us who love to wear high heels. Each uses different ingredients to achieve the same result, which is to give you more time in your heels without sore feet.

First up, BIOCHEMISTRY BY DR. HAWORTH’s Heel No Pain/Style and Heel No Pain/Active ($14.99/2.5oz and also available in 1oz but couldn’t pull the $ up on their site @ – this one uses lidocaine HCI, most commonly found in the dentist office, which is used to deaden the pain when getting detail work. The formula was created by a plastic surgeon and is made to be able to penetrate the skin that is thicker on the balls of our feet and heels to numb pressure points. They claim just a few sprays will last for hours and there is one for athletes and fashionistas!. Available for purchase on their website starting next week.


Now at the other end of the specturm from the above in that it doesn't numb but is more for overall foot discomfort, is called STILL STANDING Spray (Charmed Comfort set - $14.99/6oz, On-the-Go set $19.99/4-15ml, Large and Mini Set - $27.99/1 large bottle, 1 small to-go @ and New Beauty at Fred Segal in Santa Monica) – unlike the other, this one does not contain anything you’d probably find in a doctor’s office, which some people prefer. Rather, it’s made with a patent-pending formula that includes menthol and three herbal remedies and combined and eco-distilled is made to keep foot discomfort away for 1 ½ to 2 hours. So it's really a 180 degrees from the above but I wanted to include it in this post with the other since we're focusing on the feet here! And the handy test-tube type totable version seen below is so handy for tucking into your purse!


So how did they work? Click the below link to find out!


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