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Monday, December 16, 2013

What Lighted Mirror Do You Use to Put Your Makeup On?

Two weeks ago it seems like the moon was in retrograde (it wasn’t) as some of my electronic items started going wacky. My wireless connection to my TV and Internet was spotty for two days, and then, getting ready for a party one night, my makeup mirror kicks the bucket. Dunzo! So immediately, I started perusing online as this needed to be replaced asap. I could get the same Conair one I just had with the 3 light adjustment levels I never used (day, indoors, eve. Mine was permanently on day because it was the brightest), and then I came across this one, the Sensor Mirror from SIMPLE HUMAN. Wow, why the steep price tag? And what makes this one different from the others I was used to? And why oh why, the steep price? I mean I was used to applying my makeup in my bedroom and then going into the bathroom to apply blush, so I didn’t go out looking like a clown. That alone should have been the indication that my current situation wasn’t really working but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. 


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