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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sabon Puts Out A Winning Fragrance



One of these days I need to take a photo of my makeup table with all my fragrance bottles lined up on it. It’s growing by the month! One I am adding to the line-up, and that doesn’t happen too often, is SABON’s Daily Perfume Zer - Rose ($32/2.8oz @ Now this is not your traditional rose fragrance. It’s rose with a kick of sophistication suitable for day or night. This is for sure my favorite fragrance right now.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking For A SPECTACULAR Hand Cream?

The more hand creams I try the closer to the most perfect one I come! And what constitutes a perfect one? Non-greasy, moisturizing and non-greasy like this one from SABON called Organic Hand Cream ($18/2.11oz @ It’s soooo non-greasy that it’s almost not a hand cream at all but it is and it containsSabon-NYC-Organic-Hand-Cream a lot of the same ingredients as most others like Shea Butter, nourishing oils like Macadamia and jojoba and aloe vera. As I type, my fingers are not sliding all over the keys so to remind myself that I do indeed have hand cream on, I just run my fingertips over the backs of my hands. Wow, feeling is believing.

A few things to know about this line. This is Sabon NYC’s first organic collection (released June 23, 2009) and it’s ECOCERT certified (To be certified, the products must have 10 percent minimum approved organic ingredients, and at least 95% of ingredients must be from natural plant sources, to name a few). The line contains other products like an Organic Foot Cream, Organic Body Butter and even and Organic Olive Oil Soap.

This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but one trait that is so important to me when it comes to any product for the body is that is has to smell good. I know, kinda shallow but it just makes using it more fun. So how does this Hand Cream smell? Let’s put it this way, I’ll take its performance over the scent.

This one might just make the Hall of Fame. We'll keep you posted!

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