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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Get More Milage with Your Razor with Razorpit

RazorPitRemember when razor companies used to tell us that razors were good for one use? I don’t know anyone who used to abide by that! Then came this one, which showed they were listening to consumers and pretty much said, “ok, use it over and over. It’s still good.” But when do you think it’s time to change out your razorblade? And what about all that waste? Enter the RAZORPIT. This Razor Blade Sharpener sharpens your razor blades up to 150 times and it works with all the major brands (their homepage lists them).

So how do I know it works? Well, it's hard to tell exactly. While it worked fine for me and I wanted to bring it to your attention, I think the real test is for a man who uses a razor on his face as I think us women can get away with a not-so-sharp-blade for longer than them. Care to step up male readers? TBC...

$25 @ and

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