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Monday, July 28, 2008

Defend Your Hands With Handefend

Pureworks We’ve all heard of and used hand sanitizers in the gel and foam form. How about a hand sanitizer lotion?? PUREWORKS Antibacterial Lotion ($22/8oz, $12/4oz) is a first of its kind in a few different ways. Besides being in the form of a creamy lotion, it’s also FDA compliant as a First-aid antiseptic. I don’t recall hearing any other company in this category touting that fact.
Did you know that a lot of the popular brands are made up of mostly are mainly Ethyl Alcohol? Ones that contain alcohol supposedly work better than non-alcohol ones but Pureworks’ alcohol-free products claim to work just as good. Just short of doing a skin swab, how would one test this fact? Since I don’t own a chemistry lab, I used this one when I need to moisturize my hands anyways so I take their word for it. Their site has some interesting facts to back up their claims so read more @

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