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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Heavenly Nose - Part Uno


After trying Treat Beauty’s Sugar Free Hand Therapy Butter a few weeks ago, it got me to thinking about products that smell great and work and those that smell great and don’t work. In the next two months, we’ll bring you a few that we are just loving. Hair, body, face, it can be in any category. So here are some ones that smell heavenly AND work!


MISTRAL Extra Rich Bath And Shower Gel in new Wild Blackberry ($16/10.8oz @

MATRIX Amplify Volumizing System Thicklift Liquid Volumizer ($15/4.2oz @
PERLIER Olivarium Super Nurturing Body Cream ($30/6.8oz @




Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 Hands With SPF

Hands_2As we age, hands can look old and feel dry. Here’s two that will not only fight wrinkles but also product them from the sun.


PERLIER Hand Cream Intensive Age-Defying SPF 15 ($25/1.6oz @ from the Risarium Black Rice collection.
BARIELLE Ultra Soft Hand Cream SPF 15 ($20/6oz @

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