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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Really Need Smooth Hands & Feet? O'Keeffe's To the Rescue!

O'Keefe's-Working-Hands-and-Healthy-FeetAre greasy hands or feet lotions/balms/creams the bane of your existence? I’ve been able to find some that are pretty low on the greasy feeling factor but never one like this from the O’KEEFFE’S brand. Sometimes the best working beauty products are ones that are not really on the glamour side but in the end, it’s all about how it works, right?

Their clients are the hardcore like contractors, gardeners or basically anyone who works with their hands, are on their feet a lot or just suffer from really dry skin. Both Working Hands and Healthy Feet contain a high level of Glycerin that’s able to draw and really retain moisture and, I don’t really know how they do it, no greasy feeling whatsoever.

So now I want to know ….

How do they do it?

Most lotions or creams are made with oils and these are both oil-free allowing the glycerin to works its magic efficiently. That’s it? That seems way too simple. It looks and feels pretty much like a thick cream but if that’s their answer, that’s their answer and I won’t question what works nicely.

And it’s priced right for $7.99/3.2oz @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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