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Monday, October 06, 2014

What I’m Loving Right … Now!

From L to R clockwise:

Nail Love - CUCCIO Colour Nail Lacquer in Java Va Voom and Cream & Sugar from the Café Cuccio Winter Colour Collection - $8.50 @ - a really great quality nude is seasonless and this Java Va Voom one is the perfect shade of coffee with 2 creams in it and when you need a little extra zhoosh on tips or toes, Cream & Sugar is a darker nude with tiny flecks of multi-colored sparkle.

Cheek Love - BENEFIT Majorette - $28 @ – and blush that gives you that sexy flush is never out(it) of season and this pinky-peach, cream-to-powder one will give you an instant boost. Wear it alone of under other blushes. And I love the slight tangerine scent to it!

Primer Love - NYX 'Honey Dew Me Up' Primer - $17 @ – it’s certainly no secret that I love honey and seek products out that contain it, this one that uses it in a primer surprised me. First it’s in the gel form and it has tiny gold flecks that help with overall radiance. Ok I guess! What really impressed me is the way it felt while applying it and after applying it. Unlike most face primers, this one didn’t instantly disappear into my skin and actually did make it feel a tad dewy until it set. My skin really felt soft, smoothed out and “prepped” for the next step, which is an overall first. Big recommendation.  

Face Love - PACIFICA ‘Perfect Lotus’ Universal Powder - $16 @ – this buildable pressed mineral powder really brightened up my complexion and I was really surprised how universal the Light shade was! It blended in nicely and didn’t sit on top of any lines in my face.

Fragrance Love - CARVEN L’eau de Toilette - $79/1.7, $104/3.3oz only @ – I’ve become quite the eau de parfum snob in that I feel I’m sort of wasting my time by choosing an eau de toilette as that scent is not as concentrated as a parfum version. Well this one may change my mind.
Aside from the lovely fresh, grassy, and totally feminine fragrance this one imparts, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s the more concentrated version as it certainly wears like one! This release is considered the “younger sister” of the Le Parfum that came out in 2013 as they share the same bottle design and some of the same composition like sweet pea, freesia, white hyacinth and white woods, among others, this one is considered the “sweeter,” of the two.

Zit Love - COVER FX Blemish Treatment Concealer - $38/2.5g @ – I’m always so hesitant to put any makeup on a blemish for fear of making it worse but thanks to CFX, they want to take that fear away. The formula contains 10% Salicylic Acid to treat and Babchi Seed Extract to increase cell renewal. Check out the other new products in the blemish treatment collection.

More Nail Love - MILANI Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Mauving Forward $3.99 @ – I’m finding myself not quite ready to jump into the fall just yet but am inching my way towards it with this shade of purply-mauve. 

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Really Get Your Makeup Done in 5 Minutes

The secret to getting your makeup look done and out the door in 5 minutes is to use multi-taskers like ones that are tinted. Since you don’t have to be as precise with tinted versions, time is on your side. Here are some in each category you should cover in order to at least look polished.  

First up is a Tinted Moisturizer or tinted BB Cream. They can be applied with your fingers or a sponge and not only are they usually available in quite a few shades but they give just a hint of tint so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. And some even come with a built-in SPF, so you’re saving a few extra seconds on your routine right there! Here are some I recommend:  

1. PIXI BEAUTY H2O Skintint $24/1.18oz @

2. BEAUTY ADDICTS Mineral SheerTINT $32/1.25oz @

3. MAYBELLINE Dream Pure BB 8-IN-1 Beauty Balm Skin Clearing Perfector $8.99/1oz @ and <--- this is a good one too if you are prone to acne.

4. TOO FACED Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20 $34/1.5oz @

Just remember that if you do choose one that doesn’t contain sunscreen, make sure you apply some before one of these. 


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Friday, August 08, 2014

Love Pink Makeup!

I think pink makeup has to be my favorite this summer and here are some that are at the top of my list and in my purse!


From L to R clockwise:

COVER GIRL Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Whipped Berry from Katy Perry’s #Instaglam Collection $7.99 @

TARINA TARANTINO Dollskin Cream Blush in Mr. Pink $29 @

CIATÉ LashLights Luminous Lash-Tip Colour in Famous $17 only @

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip in 21C $19 @

MILANI Rose Powder Blush in Bella Rosa $7.99 @ and

NYX COSMETICS Butter Lipstick in BLS01 Razzle Fiesta $5.99 @ and

MAYBELLINE Master Glaze by Face Studio Blush Stick in Pink Fever $8.99 @

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Review+Swatches - #NYXCosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow

Just because a product costs a lotta pennies doesn’t mean it’s worth the money spent. There are many lines and products out there that don’t have the steep price tag but the quality is still there and these 8 Hot Singles Eye Shadows from NYX COSMETICS are an example of just this. 

Review+Swatches - #NYXCosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow with Cybele Says. A complete review and in-depth look at the swatches for each shadow.
Review+Swatches - #NYXCosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow with Cybele Says. A complete review and in-depth look at the swatches for each shadow.


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 Favorites … in Blue Makeup

1. NYX COSMETICS Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue ($4.50 @ – brightest cobalt blue.

2. CIATÉ LONDON Mini Paint Pot Nail Polish and Effects in Pool Party ($8 @ – a deep azure blue.

3. MAKE BEAUTY Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Ultramarine ($25 @ – bright blue w/violet undertone.

4.TARINA TARANTINO Eye Dream Hyperliner in CuteRobot ($15 @ – deep blue violet

5. FOREVER 21 Shimmer Eyewear in Sapphire 511 ($7.80 @ forever – blackened shadow with cobalt shimmer. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Spring Product Must Haves

Spring-Product-Must-HavesCHANEL Anti-Pollution Sunscreen SPF 50 ($55/1oz @ – wrinkles are not sexy so be sure to apply a good one that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. And the formula totally disappears when you apply it so no yucky white residue leftover.

NORDSTROM Lip Gloss in Tropical Shimmer ($9.95 @ – every spring or summer look is perfect with a coral-y color swiped across lips. It has come back into fashion this time every year and its popularity probably won't wane next year either. 

THE BODY SHOP Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in Honey Kissed ($22/3.3oz @ – consider this your last touch before heading out the door and much more purse-friendly than that other really popular tan-enhancing shimmer one we’ve all seen. And I think this one smells better as it’s one of my favorites, like the name says, honey.

NYX COSMETICS Setting Spray in Dewy Finish and Matte Finish ($8/2oz each @ – setting sprays are your best friends this time of year. It keeps things in place for at least a few more hours than you’d normally get. And these come in two different finishes.

PIXI BEAUTY Beauty Bronzer + Kabuki in Summertime ($21 @ – this bronzer is a matte version great for sculpting and making features stand out. Use this one with this great tutorial I saw from Allure recent blog winner here to get the most out of it. 

Disclosure: Some samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review+Swatches - Nyx Cosmetics Wonder Pencils

Nyx-Wonder-Pencil-close-upWhat can these two pencils be used for? I think the question should be, what can’t they be used for because they are so versatile. The soft light beige and medium beige pencils from NYX COSMETICS called Wonder Pencils are just that. As in, “I wonder what else I can use these for?”

Nyx-Wonder-Pencil-in-light-and-mediumCorners of eyes, cupids bow, under eyebrows, waterline, conceal a blemish or scar, lip liner and probably so many other ways I’m not thinking of right now. These are a must have staple for your makeup collection. $4.50 @, Inc.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review - NYX Cosmetics The Curve

I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to ergonomic beauty tools as they more times than not do not work. So yes, I didn’t dive into NYX COSMETICSThe Curve with the most open mind so did using it change my mind?


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cybelesays Special Report - IMATS Comes To Town!

The big International Makeup Artist and Trade Show (IMATS) was this past weekend and this show just gets bigger and better every year. I mean, I went twice about 6 or 7 years ago and it was just boring and barren but for the last 3 years, it has more hip brands than ever and it always sells out. 

So who was there and what did I see and buy? Click below and be prepared for a lot of pictures!


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Monday, February 07, 2011

Nyx Cosmetics Solves Your Makeup Woes

NYX-Cosmetics-Eye-&-Lip-Makeup-Remover Now don’t go looking for organic and natural ingredients in a makeup remover. From what I’ve seen, you just won’t find one out there! So my goal was to find one that does the job but doesn’t cost a lot. I will pay a pretty penny for a good quality product but a $30 makeup remover is just not something I am comfortable buying. This Eye & Lip Makeup Remover from NYX COSMETICS is one I’ve been using the past few weeks and am very satisfied with the results and for only $8/2.8oz @ Even though I don’t wear waterproof mascara, I do wear this and a few of these and at the end of the day, they are hard to get off. Well a few swipes of some of this with a saturated cotton ball and it removes the color lickety-split! While it does contain one questionable ingredient in it, it does have a dash of orange and papaya fruit extracts, so it’s not all chemicals.

This product contains  Benzyl Alcohol, which is seen by some as an ingredient of concern. Read my ingredient disclaimer here.

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.

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