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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Neosporin - Not Just for Cuts

Neosporin-Lip-Health What comes to mind when I say the word NEOSPORIN? Healing, right? So it makes sense that they would come out with a line of products to heal chap lips. New to the line is their Lip Health twosome that claims to get lips visibly healthier in just 3 days. It’s getting colder now and the skin on the lips is so thin so make sure you take care of it this season!


'Lip Health' Daily Hydration Therapy ($4.99/.35oz tube) – contains SPF 20 and key antioxidants, vitamins and lipids.


'Lip Health' Overnight Renewal Therapy ($4.99/.27oz pot) – also contains key antioxidants and lipids to deeply penetrate while you are sleeping. I’ve only known of one other brand to come out with an overnight repair ointment and I really recommend them since you are not doing much while sleeping to make it come off.

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