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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Safe Tan Without the Can With Luminess Tan

I loved their makeup system so I was all, “bring it on!” when I found out about their at-home airbrush tanning system, LUMINESS TAN. It’s no secret that I am not a wiz with a self tanner that comes in a can, especially around the feet. I mean, there are some good ones out there and we’ve written about a lot of them, I’m just not that great at applying them flawlessly and I don’t think I’m alone.


Now I’ve had a custom airbrush tan before. The one where you get naked and someone walks around you and meticulously airbrushes the color onto you and it looks good in the end but it’s pricey and I can’t stand that just tanned smell. And did I mention I got totally naked to do it? Yeah, fun.


Using the same kind of Stylus wand applicator, this one is the same idea but you do it to yourself. Simply plug the bottle with the color in the bottom of the wand and use your finger to trigger the nozzle - open it a little or a bit more for a bigger dose of color to come out. No matter how fair you are, you can achieve a great looking tan. No orange to be found here, just their Immediate Bronzer and  and Tanning Actives for a sunny glow.



They say it lasts up to 14 days with the words up to being the key. I really think it depends on how many layers you apply in how long it lasts. But one of the best traits is there is really no stinky smell afterward.


If you plan on doing your whole body, One big recommendation – stand in the tub to do it. Yes, it’s only a mist of color but it’s still color and you don’t want it all over the house, right?


$129 or their site has a 30-day trial offer @ and includes everything you’ll need that’s shown in the picture here.



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