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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall Product You Need to Know About

Are you ready to talk fall makeup yet? September issues and all that jazz? Now that my birthday has passed, I’m ready, so let’s start with some standouts … 



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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Battle of the Makeup Palettes! Which Comes Out On Top?

It’s SMASHBOX Full Exposure vs. LORAC PRO Palette 2. They are very similar and both come with a free gift (yeah!) but there can only be one winner! So who will it be? Click after the jump to see the breakdown and see which comes out on top. 



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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

What I'm Loving Right ... Now!

LORAC Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color
in Orchid ($16 @ – this color is so right now! It’s not the typical red I tend to gravitate towards and wow, does it last a long time on my lips. And it’s infused with good stuff like Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed and vitamins C & E, so glad to have this on my lips for hours.

ESCADA Born in Paradise EDT ($45/1oz, $45/1.6oz, $75/3.3oz @ – I think half the country has been praying for spring and this new scent from Escada just brings my nose to it full throttle! The notes are sweet and springy – green apple, guava, watermelon, pineapple, coconut milk, jasmine tea, all on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

SUN BUM Continuous Spray Sunscreen ($15.99/6oz @ and – every season it’s a good idea to update your sunscreen and this season I’m trusting the Bum!  Available in SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 and SPF 70, I think one of these will have you cover (no pun intended) and since the continuous spray is widely available, is there any other way to go?

DOLCE & GABBANA The Brow Liner - Shaping Eyebrow Pencil ($45 @ – when I first saw under the cap, it instantly reminded me of this one with its teardrop shape. Though I’m a fan of a harder formula like this one, I wouldn’t say this one is soft by any means, and, dare I say, I think that it lasts longer on my brows than my Holy Grail one. Yikes! Available in 4 shades,

GILLETTE Venus Snap Razor ($12.99 @ – yup it’s cute (so tiny and colorful), yup it’s compact (fits in the palm of your hand), and yup it has 5 blades. Weren’t we up to 4 last check? So now here’s 5! And it’s surprisingly easy to wield in the shower and the handy blue case makes it a travel no brainer. 

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Picks: Because Now You’re Desperate!

What It Is: Ok, it’s the weekend before Christmas and you’re not even close to being done, so here are some recommendations to help you knock it out quickly. So if you go by online, most sites have expedited shipping. If you go by store, you’ll find these sets in the major department stores or Sephora. Don’t sacrifice quality just because you are late to the game!!

Why I Like ALL  of These: Quality, Price and Usability! So here are gifts that are guaranteed to get a “WOW!” out of the recipient.


BARE ESCENTUALS Degrees of Dazzlingnow marked down to $49 @

What It Is: 20 of their bareMinerals Eyecolors in 4 different finishes.

Why I Like It: Heck, what’s not to like?? This set rocks!


MARC JACOBS Trio Rollerball Gift Set - $39 @

What It Is: 3 of his best-selling scents: Daisy Eau So Fresh, Dot and Daisy.

Why I Like It: Even though I think these scents are more reserved for the springtime, it’s good to stock up now! And I love a rollerball form for the purse.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Add a Little Bronzer w/Lorac Cosmetics

Lorac-TANtalizer-Bronzing-Mousse-and-Lotion I’m officially a fan of the TANtalizing Bronzed Vixen Collection of products from LORAC! I was introduced to one from this last year and I guess it was such a hit that they expanded it and brought it back. Just picture you are wearing a hip summer evening club dress and you are just putting the finishing touches on your makeup. Since panty hose are so faux pas, don’t you feel like your legs, shoulders and décolletage need a little accenting? Choose the TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ($32/5oz) for a little color with no streaking or the TANtalizer Award Show Glow ($32/2.5oz), which is a bronzing mousse that gives the skin a hint of sun-kissed glow and also claims to firm the skin with caffeine and an anti-cellulite complex. While I didn’t see that happen or really didn’t see a way to measure that, I did see some nice color and that was good enough for me. Both @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided to for review purposes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Illuminating Cheeks Via Lorac

Lorac-Baked-Matte-Satin-Blush-in-Flaunt When I first laid eyes on LORAC’s Baked Matte Satin Blush, in Flaunt I thought it had two of the traits I don’t look for in a blush – bright and shimmery. But trying is believing and like a lot of beauty products, you have to try them to get the real deal and I’m glad I didn’t write this one off at first sight. It’s one of those baked powder formulas so it’s very pigmented and blends easily. The shimmery part in this comes from Mica inside but it really aided in the glow it instills on the cheeks. No cheap-o looking shimmer, just glow. I was floored, really!


The two new shades are the above Flaunt, a bright pink, and Plush a peach. $24 @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lorac Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter

Lorac-Double-Feature-Concealer-Highlighter Ever since discovering this concealer, I feel like a door has opened up. I mean, how long have I been doing this and only recently am I into concealers? Strange but ok. The latest one to dazzle my eyes at what I don’t see is LORAC’s Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter ($24 @ Maybe it’s me but it seems like too many look like they’re made with chaulk as they look too whitish under my eyes. Perhaps I’m using a shade that’s too light for me? But all three that I’ve tried? Anyway, let me point out why I like this one. First, this stick has three things going on. Pull off the cover and you have your cover up (paraben-free, fragrance-free), On top is the Blender Ball, which is used to blend in the concealer. And if you untwist the middle, there’s the highlighter you can use pretty much anywhere. I have to admit, the Blender Ball really makes this product for me. As funny as it sounds, it makes it kind of fun to use!


Available in 5 color combos.


Disclosure: The following item was provided to for review purposes.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Quick Pick – Bronzing with Lorac

LoracLORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer ($28 @ is a two compartment deelio perfect for tucking in the purse. The top is the bronzer and in the basement, so to speak, is the application brush. And the mirror? So handy on the bottom of the compact! This is one of those baked powders as the name states, so the many specs of color are highly pigmented.
Use the big brush in the bottom drawer to brusha-brusha some color anywhere and everywhere.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall Color Pick - Mauve

Think purple is too much for some occasions? Then try its cousin Mauve. In addition to purple wine, green moss, and nude shimmer, mauve is kicking up quite a storm in fashion this fall. The best trait about the shade is that is can be a focus color or blend in the background. Here are our picks for our fourth color pick for the fall, Mauve:

  1. DURI COSMETICS Nail Enamel in All About Mauve $5 @
  2. LORAC Lip Polish in Delicious $17.50 @
  3. MAC Lip Liner in Dervish $12.50 @
  4. VON NATUR Lip Colour in Lovage (discontinued)
  5. SUSAN POSNICK Colorforever Long Lasting Lip Color/Conditioner in Janis $24 @
  6. KIEHL’S Lip Gloss in Icy Everest $13.50 @
  7. BARE ESCENTUALS bareMinerals 100% Natural Lip Color in Ripe Fig $15 @
  8. ORLY Nail Lacquer in Not Your Mama’s Mauve $7 @
  9. SCOTT BARNES Creme Color in Sultry $24 @
  10. MILANI Powder Mosaics in Honey Kissed $7.49 @
  11. SEPHORA Nail Polish in #37 $4 @
  12. BOOTS No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in #75 Sugar Plum $9.99 @
  13. NARS Lip Lacquer in Sweet Charity $23 @
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Color Pick - Mossy Green

I consider greens, as in mossy greens, a very neutral color. They are so earthy, warm and natural that they could take the place of nudes in most cases. Olive, tarragon, and the creatively named products below, all make up our 2nd Fall Color Pick, Mossy Green.
The way I’m thinking about this piece is if I were to paint a picture of moss using different shades and textures, which ones would I use? Here are our picks to make up our portrait:


  1. PORTICO SPA Clarifying Shampoo $14/6.7oz @
  2. L’OREAL H.I.P. Pure Pigment Shadow Stick in Mesmerizing $9.99 @
  3. PUR MINERALS Pur Colour Shadow in True Emerald $12 @
  4. URBAN DECAY Smokeout Blending Eye Pencil in Green Goddess $14 @
  5. ORLY Nail Lacquer in Green With Envy $3.19 @
  6. CREATIVE SPA by CND Sea Rocks Soak $12/5oz @
  7. THE BODY SHOP Shimmer Smudger in Slate Green $13.50 @
  8. ASTARA Green Papaya Nutrient Mask $39/2.2oz @
  9. BECCA Line + Illuminate Pencil in Fiji $22 @
  10. LORAC Front of the Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Green $20 @
  11. URBAN APOTHECARY Mineral Shadow in Citrine $10 @
  12. SISLEY Phyto-Ombre Eclat Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Anis $40 @
  13. DIORkiss in Granny Smith 308 $19 @
  14. SONIA KASHUK Eye Definer and Eye Smudger in Olive Suede $5.99 @ Target stores
  15. PRESCRIPTIVES Colorscope Creamy Eye Color in Jungle $18 @
  16. GIELLA Nail Polish in Cat’s Eye $25 @
  17. MISTRAL Bath Salts in South Seas $5.50/2.1oz @
  18. H2O+ SPA Exfoliating Sea Marine Body Wash $18/8oz @
  19. TARTE Eyeshadow in Peyton Place $17 @
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