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Monday, July 15, 2013

An Oil for Both Hair and Skin

LEONOR GREYL just came out with a new oil, yeah!! It’s for the body and called Huile Secret de Beauté ($66/3.2oz @ I’ve always been a fan of their oils, especially this one for the hair and this one for the body. This one lighter than their Magnolia Oil and smells like heaven! And it can be used on the hair for taming frizzies, or a deeper treatment before shampooing or skin to moisturize, so file under a 2-in-1.


Composed of 98% natural oils, there are a few standouts - Amazonian Buriti Oil, a rich oil loaded with carotene, Pomegranate Seed Oil, full of anti-oxidant properties and Mongongo Oil, which is full of vitamin E, great for skin and hair.

As well and as good as it is for both parts of the body, the smell of lemon grass, tiare, and yucca is what  keeps this one at the front of my makeup table. And because it’s been so hot lately, I’ve been using this one right out of the shower on my skin. I mean, who wants to slather on a heavy lotion in this heat?


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

‘Tis Always the Season for Leonor Greyl

Leonor-Greyl-Masque-Quintessence-3 When does limp hair look good? Never! This one is the conditioner sent from the Gods but one that is challenging their place right now is LEONOR GREYL Masque Quintessence ($137.50/7oz @ Wow. This hair mask is super hydrating and contains Cupuaçu oil (one of the Rainforests’ most effective moisturizers) and Manketti oil (highly nutrient oil from Namibia).

So if hydration is what your strands are thirsting for, this one will help restore a smooth texture and it smells really nice of fresh orange and linden scent.

What I really like about this mask is that you can apply it two different ways. One way is on dry hair before shampooing leaving it on for about 15 minutes, which is the easiest of the two, and the other is to apply it to towel dry hair for 20 minutes before rinsing out. Either way I'm loving this mask!

Disclosure: The following item was provided to for review purposes.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Light Way to Moisturize with Leonor Greyl

Leonor-Greyl-Magnolia-Oil-2 Baby oil, body oil, any kind of oil really, I am a fan. One I forgot about that we featured on the site many years ago and deserves a repost, is LEONOR GREYL’s Magnolia Oil ($42/3.2oz @ Made for the face and body, it smells so wonderfully of the Magnolia Blossom and contains a blend of pure botanical oils rich in pro-vitamins A. So put some on to help ease a sunburn or just for the sheen effect it leaves behind on the skin.
This oil is a little different than others out there in that it absorbs quicker than any I’ve ever used and a little goes a long way. Probably one of the reasons this one has quite the cult following. Big recommendation.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm Sending My Hair On Vacation with Leonor Greyl

Leonor-Greyl-Huile-de-Palme Too much color, too much heat styling, and too much sun? Send your hair on a vacation with LEONOR GREYL Huile Palme ($39/3.2oz @ This golden rich, tropical smelling oil has quite a few uses: pre-shampoo treatment for dry hair, protection from sun, seawater, and chlorinated water. Comb it through your hair before going to the beach or pool, leave it on as an overnight treatment for maximum softening, or just slick a little bit on when you are wearing a pulled back look. I’m actually wearing it right now as I write this!  This formula is made with 97% natural oils, so from root to tips, you CAN restore your hair. ~Lisa

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