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Monday, August 22, 2011

Laura Geller Whips Up Some Blush

Laura-Geller-Air-Whipped-Blush-and-swatches I can’t remember what famous person stated that before leaving the house, you should take off one item, and for me, the “taking off” is usually toning down the blush. I’m glad that I recently came across LAURA GELLER Air Whipped Blush as they are very subtle and pretty much goof-proof. The formula is like a whipped mousse that will impart just the slightest hint of color, which you can see in the picture here. Ms. Laura amp’d this one up with antioxidants, a dash of Squalene and Shea Butter and paraben-free. Available in Whisper Petal (soft pink) and Whisper Rose (sheer mauve with a touch of luminescence) for $26 @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Laura Geller Helps Your Body Glow

Laura-Geller-Baked-Body-Frosting I was flipping through the channels the other day and came upon LAURA GELLER on the QVC channel showcasing her latest products and she was talking about some from her Baked Collection. Since I rarely get demos right in front of me, I put the remote down and watched. One that I had on deck to try was her Baked Body Frosting All Over Body Glow in Sugar Glow ($39.75 @, so I moved it up in the rotation and dove in this past weekend feeling inspired. And this one is so right now! If you’re showing skin in an outfit, don’t you want to add a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to spice your flesh up? Give arms, legs, décolleté, and spots on the face a luminous glow with this white tea and Ceraphyl Oil infused, sans paraben, powder. And this one is a tad bigger in size than these. It’s a full 4” around, so you are getting a great value for your money on this product.


Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Laura Geller and Tarte Have Two Winning Foundations

Laura-Geller-tinted-moisturizer-tarte-ReCreate-Anti-Aging-Foundation Trying to cut corners? Save pennies? Who isn’t? Shopping definitely is not like it used to be so why don’t you try combining two of your makeup products in one. Very popular these days are the combo moisturizer and foundation with the tinted moisturizer. LAURA GELLER just came out with Barely There Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 ($30/1.25oz @ and it contains those light-diffusing mineral pigments that lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles. If you are in a hurry like I seem to be every morning, this will save you a smidgen of time. And even though this one has a SPF 20, I would still use an additional SPF on your face. Available in Fair, Light, Medium or Deep.


If a tint ain’t your thang, TARTE just put out ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation With Wrinkle Rewind Technology SPF 15 ($37/1oz @ and it has a lot of things I look for in a good foundation as in free of a lot of the bad things found in some foundations like sulfates, parabens, and petro-chemicals. If I can avoid these in any product, I want to. And this one has something new in the formula called Wrinkle Rewind technology, which is a complex works on, you guessed it, wrinkles and also the skin’s tone and firmness. Like the above, this one too contains a SPF but again, I would add wear an additional SPF on your face. This one comes in 12 shades.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Spackle Is Not Just for Walls Anymore. Laura Geller Takes It Once Step Further

Laura-Geller-Spackle If you’re an avid reader then you know we love a good makeup primer. It is for sure a staple to my makeup routine now and many other females I know. One that I am touting this month to get my face canvas makeup ready is LAURA GELLER’s Spackle Under Make-Up Primer ($23/2oz). This oil-free formula in an air-free pump is made for all skin types and contains a special silicone system that helps fill in uneven skin and other ingredients like aloe, white tea, cornflower, Ginkgo Biloba, and others actually nourish the skin under your makeup. And they just came out with a Tinted Under Make-up Primer ($23/2oz) that has a bronze tint. Both @


Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Baked with Laura Geller

I am loving all the baked eye shadows the lines are putting out. They can be used with a wet or dry brush and the shades are all pretty wearable. LAURA GELLER Baked Marble Eyeshadows ($22 @ are multiple shades of color swirled into a nice size pan. Use your brush to maneuver it to pick up all the shimmery colors or concentrate on specific shades in the pan. Color picks are the Blue Heaven and Stardust shown here.

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