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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Favorites … I Can’t Stop Smelling!

Have you ever had a product that you just can’t stop smelling? Like every time you walk past it, you have to stop, open it and give it a whiff? My nose loves a few and it seems to be all over the map these days. One day I’m into flowery smells and the next it does a 180 with mint. I don’t know what that’s all about but here are the ones that have come out on top.

1. LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub in Sugar Tiare Flower ($110/68oz, $34/16oz, $9.50/2oz @ – this brand always nails it when it comes to great and unique scents. If you’ve never been to Hawaii or need to feel like you are there, this one delivers the vibe.

2. SWEET HARVEST FARMS Amore’ Artisan Soap ($6.98/7oz bar @ – I seem to be collecting soap these days. I mean I have so many that I don’t exactly use but just like to pick them up and smell them and this one currently falls in that category. It’s modeled after “Very Sexy for Men” by Victoria’s Secret.

3. L’OCCITANE Vitόria-Régia Day Flower Shower Gel ($20/8.4oz @ – this one is best described as aquatic floral and is infused with vitόria-régia extract from the Amazonian in Brazil. I’d never heard of this flower before and was delightfully surprised. And this one is so fitting for this time of year!

4. THYMES Rosewood Citron Whipped Body Cream ($30/6.5oz @ – I must always have a luxuriously feeling cream or butter on my dresser so depending on what mood I’m in, if self-care is on the menu, one like this fits the bill. I’ve never smelled rose and citrus together but it’s pretty nice! And this one is thick and rich.

5. AQUA SPA Bath Soak in Eucalyptus + Mint from the Soothe Collection ($9.99/10oz @ – it’s not quite bath season for me but I have a friend who takes a bath each Saturday religiously, so I’ll be sharing this post with her. This combo of eucalyptus and mint really cleans the sinuses! Their whole line contains their Marine Mineral Complex that harnesses the power of sea minerals by including such ingredients like Antioxidant Zinc, copper, and iron among others.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy 11th Year Anniversary!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the launch of Can you believe it? I’m quite excited and I was recently thinking about what I should do to celebrate, so, besides going live with a bunch of contests this month, I also thought I’d do some review.

Happy-AnniversaryWhen you reach a milestone in your life, it’s pretty common to stop, look around and take stock of what’s important and what's not. And we all know that changes from year-to-year, and for some week-to-week.

So what’s important when it comes to beauty products? I thought in the next 30 days I’d take a look at my Hall of Fame products and go through each one again to see if they’ve stood the test of time. There are 35 picks in there right now, so I have some ground to cover!

Lalicious Body OilSo starting off the reviews, in no particular order, let’s look at LALICIOUS Body Oil

Pros: I just wrote up their latest scent of Sugar Reef just last week and really liked the scent. When I first tried this line quite a few years ago, I liked that the oils she used are not fillers and petroleum etc.; the products were superior quality. So has the quality waned over the years? Nope!

Cons: there really are not any with this product so this first one is an easy guess!

Does it stay in the Hall of Fame?

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

*New* Lalicious Sugar Reef Collection

I’ve always been a big fan of the LALICIOUS line. They just put out great quality body products where I never have to be afraid of the ingredients. They just added a new scent called Sugar Reef this month and I tried two of them. So did they live up to my expectations?


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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Know What You're Getting In Your Body Oil

Lalicious-Body-Oil-in-Lily-Mango Trophy I’ve been back and forth about a specific drugstore body oil for the past few weeks. I pretty much grew up on the brand but wow, the ingredients are just so … 1970s. Needless-to-say, as much as it kills me not to feature it because I do really like it, I can’t get my brain past all the really bad for you ingredients and that my skin probably silently screamed every time I put it on. Since dealing with this, I have been going back to one I featured earlier this year from LALICIOUS. It’s their Body Oil and this is one I was and still am proud to feature on the site. I mean, check out these ingredients: Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Essential and Fragrance Oils, Soybean Oil and Vitamin E Oil. That’s it! I’m not even going to delve into the ingredients of the other one as you probably would need a medical dictionary to figure out about 90% of them.


Yes, this one from Lalicious one is going to cost you more than the bad one but isn’t it better to know all of what is going on and ultimately into your skin? Quality costs money (in this case $24/8oz and $80/32oz @ So with that said, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and add this one to the Hall of Fame. Shown here in the Lily Mango scent. Love it!! And you can get this oil is 7 other fragrances so which one will you pick?

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by for review purposes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before and After Oil Goodness

H2O+-Sea-Pure-Cleansing-Body-Oil-Lalicious-Sugar-Kiss-Cleansing-Oil My love of oils is no secret when it comes to using them in beauty. There’s no better way to keep moisture where it should be, on the skin. Here’s two new ones used at two different times.


For during the shower - H2O+ Sea Pure Cleansing Body Oil ($22/7oz) from the new Sea Pure line. This light foaming cleanser contains 97% natural ingredients we like such as sea lavender, Sunflower, Bergamot and Rosemary and doesn’t contain ingredients we don’t like arabens, phthalates and sulfates. This is a full collection of products for face and body so check them all out @


For after the shower - LALICIOUS Body Oil in Sugar Kiss ($24/8oz @ – the first ingredient on the list is coconut oil and then Sweet Almond Oil, so you know this one is lush. And this new Sugar Kiss scent is one of those you wish came in a spray form so you could wear it as your scent. Citrus, rose and vanilla never smelled so absolutely fabulous!


Disclosure: The following items were provided to for review purposes.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting To The Shea of Things - Part IV

Here we are at our last installment of awesomely Shea, Shea Butter products, so here are six more pleasing ones to sexify your skin.





  1. TREAT BEAUTY Cacao Lip Scrub ($16/1oz @
  2. HAMADI Shea Hair Cream ($24/4oz @
  3. LALICIOUS Lily Mango Body Butter ($22/7.3oz @
  4. EMINENCE ORGANICS Lip Trio Kit ($60 @
  5. COLLECTIVE WELLBEING Hand Cream – Shea Butter/Chamomile ($11/3.5oz @
  6. CLINIQUE Deep Comfort Body Butter ($23.50/6.7oz @ and
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