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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kilian, Kilian, Take Me Away!

By-Kilian-Straight-to-Heaven I sometimes feel like I’m a fragrance push over in that I seem to be pretty easy going when it comes to what I like but am I? I mean, this latest fragrances collection that came out for the holidays from the KILIAN line is called L’Oeuvre Noire, a few are yeahs and a few are ehs but one in particular I will be keeping close to my heart and on my pulse points. The names of the scents themselves in the collection  seem to resonate with what I’m being proactive about it right now, which is finding love. Not that these scents are those hokey pheromone-based fragrances that promise to attract Mr. Right but more of just … sensual and feminine to maybe give the user an added boost when it comes to letting my true self come out.

Just check out these names in the collection: A Taste of Heaven, Black to Black, Love & Tears, Beyond Love, Straight to Heaven, Prelude to Love, Liasons to Dangereuses, A Taste of Heaven, and Cruel Intentions. I tried a few of the samples sizes and I think I’m feeling the Straight to Heaven Eau de Parfum most right now. It’s inspired by Damascus Plum and I would file this in the Oriental category. Comprised of Martinican rum absolute, dried fruits accord, Javanese nutmeg oil, hedione, cedarwood, Indonesian patchouli oil, ambergris, vanilla absolute and white musk. It’s simply wow and really makes a statement. If you are not one to demand the attention in the room when you walk in, you may want to forgot this one. $4/sample, $225/1.7oz @

What are you looking to bring into your life this year?

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.

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