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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fragrance Note Highlight: Jasmine

Do you know what you like when it comes to fragrance? I mean, really know what you like and be able to describe to someone in less than 5 sentences? Me either. It’s really hard when it comes to scents and the notes so I am trying to pay attention to the ones I see over and over in scents that I love.

When I created my own a while back, I’m surprised that jasmine was not one of the notes inside of the ones I made as I really love the smell of it. If you learn anything from this post, from what I’ve gathered, the jasmine note tends to be nestled in the middle of a scent. Will you be trying any of these out in the near future?

BVLGARI Mon Jasmine Noir eau de parfum ($80/1.7oz, $105/2.5oz @ – look for citruses and lily of the valley as the top notes that dry down to a musk/patchouli/Virginia cedar/Nougat base with the aforementioned jasmine resting in the middle.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Give the Gift Of…A New Scent

KENZO L’EauParKenzo Eau de Toilette ($29/.7oz @ – aquatic floral.

CLINIQUE Happy-To-Go ($30/4.8g @ – 3 Solid Perfume PencilsHappy, Wealth of Flowers and Hint of Citrus.

ELIZABETH ARDEN Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray ($39/1oz @ – fruity floral.

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDIJAN Lumiere Noire Pour Femme ($145/2.5oz @ – spiced rose.

PRADA L’eau Ambree Eau de Parfum refill ($78/2.7oz @ – woody amber.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Products Are Among Us!

Smell it, swipe it, spritz it or don it. Here are some more recommendations for our Best of Spring Beauty on-going feature. From L to R clockwise:



QTiCA Papaya Star Sugar Scrub ($14/7oz @
SPA RITUAL Lacquer in Spice of Life ($10 @
DuWOP Doubleglow7 in Deep ($25 @
KENZO Eau de Fleur de Soie Silk ($55/1.7oz
BOBBI BORWN Long-Wear Cream Shadow in New Steel ($22 @ from The Platinum Collection.

HONEYCAT COSMETICS Kiss Good Night Pink Peppermint Lipgloss ($16 @


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kenzo Gives Us THE Winter Fragrance

Kenzo-Amour There’s nothing like a rich fragrance for this time of year. There’s something about that fits the cold weather and really makes it stand out. Like a wool pair of socks, KENZOAmour le Parfum ($68/1oz, $88/1.7oz @ will come out in late October and be packed away with the winter clothes in about late February. It was inspired by all things far east - the packaging and the ingredients. To say this is a woody oriental would be an understatement. Just look at these thick lush notes – top: rice, frangipani middle: amber and patchouli and base: vanilla and benzoin (a balm only found in a tree location in Southeast Asia). And I would really only recommend this for evenings; it’s that bold. And the sleek bottle? The shape is inspired by the temples of Southeast Asia and the rich matte gold color by the offerings made to the deities. This makes a beautiful looking scupture on top of your dressing table. For serious fragrance lovers only!



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Your Typical Flower

Kenzo-Flower-by-Kenzo I’m trying to decide if I’m a fragrance push over, in that, it seems like I am loving a lot of different fragrances that have come out this year. Well actually, let me rethink that, I didn’t like the new Chanel No. 5 scent. It smells like dish detergent on me! Not the usual fan of the powdery fragrances, but I am really loving this KENZO fragrance. FLOWER BY KENZO Eau de Parfum Spray ($85/3.3oz @ is a floral notes like violet and rose mixed with white musk and vanilla. An unual mixture to be called a floriental but it is and it has quite a following. It’s a little heavy so I recommend this one for eves.

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