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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Infinity Sun's Glow on the Go

Infinity-sun-glow-on-the-goBeing that it’s the beginning of November, who’s thinking of tanning? Well living in LA, the legs are still showing as well as the arms, so Must. Have. Color! I feel like INFINITY SUN’s new Glow on the Go is a new level of self-tanner. It is a really fine mist and I tried it twice and felt like I didn’t get much color so I came up with an idea. I put a 1” piece of tape on my upper thigh, which is quite pale right now, and then misted that area and wow, nice realistic color and it lasts quite a few days! It for sure is not like any other self-tanner I have used in that you can’t see where you just applied the tanner, just a nice glow of color. $40/5oz @


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