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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting To The Shea of Things - Part IV

Here we are at our last installment of awesomely Shea, Shea Butter products, so here are six more pleasing ones to sexify your skin.





  1. TREAT BEAUTY Cacao Lip Scrub ($16/1oz @
  2. HAMADI Shea Hair Cream ($24/4oz @
  3. LALICIOUS Lily Mango Body Butter ($22/7.3oz @
  4. EMINENCE ORGANICS Lip Trio Kit ($60 @
  5. COLLECTIVE WELLBEING Hand Cream – Shea Butter/Chamomile ($11/3.5oz @
  6. CLINIQUE Deep Comfort Body Butter ($23.50/6.7oz @ and
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