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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Guess Which Fragrance This Is?

Guess_2OK, bad title but it set this next product up perfectly, no?
I had an interesting conversation about fragrances with a good friend when we were at the mall the other day. She sticks to light or flowery scents for both day and night during the summertime. I still think you can mix it up in the summer with heavier and lighter scents. Take this GUESS BY MARCIANO Eau de Parfum Spray ($65/3.4oz @ It’s a spicy floral or spiflo, as I call it, with the top notes being star fruit, grapefruit, orange curacao and cardamom (ginger), middle of pink honey suckle, peony and jasmine, and base of wood, vanilla, musk and dulce de leche. When I described this one to her before we hit one of the major department stores, she said she’d probably only wear it in the non-summer months as it sounded too heavy for hot weather. But I am happy to report she changed her mind when we sampled it at the counter. “This one is great for day or night and in any season. It’s soft and feminine but still has a slight sexy bite to it.” You heard her loud and clear.

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