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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Time for a New Flat Iron? Try ghd.

Quick! What’s going on with your flat iron? Is it old and dated? How about treating yourself to a new one from a great brand? GHD just came out with Style & Finish Kit, which is their best selling Gold Series 1” Styler and Natural Bristle Oval Brush.

Ghd-Style-&-Finish-Kit-flat-iron-and-brushAnd while you may think a flat iron is a flat iron is a flat iron, oh no, it is not! Like my favorite one here, this 1” Gold Professional Styler contains the latest in technology of keeping hair healthy while giving you the sleekest locks on the block. It is made with ceramic and has contoured plates, which you don’t always see (my beloved Croc doesn't have that).

And speaking of my Croc, this one measured up really well against it in terms of performance. In addition to one or two passes through the hair for stick straight strands, it heated up quickly and it's pretty lightweight, so it's easy to weild.

Now run to your bathroom to assess the status of your flat iron and then get yourself this one. Yes, it's a little on the expensive side but this is an investment piece so think of it that way. $225 @

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