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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Will Make You Rethink Your Face Cleansing Device

What kind of face cleansing device do you use? I find that I’ve been quite loyal to my washcloth over the years with dips into the Clarisonic pool as well as the Konjac sponge pond a few times, among others. So what do you faithfully use? Well there is a new kid in town and he might keep me from my beloved washcloth for longer than I’m used to. The brand is called FOREO and the product is called the Luna. It just came out last year and instead of using a brush head that needs to be replaced every-so-often, it uses electric pulsations to deeply clean. Wasn’t it only a matter of time before someone used some major technology to clean our faces?


The Luna machine is housed in a glove of soft silicone and comes in three feminine shades, one for each skin type – White for Ultra-Sensitive Skin, Pink for Sensitive/Normal and Blue for Combination Skin. It fits snug in the hand and on the top part is where you apply it to the face. That’s where, what they call the “rounded silicone touch-points,” it touches the face.

It uses transdermal sonic, or T-Sonic as they call it, pulsations that go through the rounded silicone touch-points to clean each pore deeply, while at the same time helping to remove dead skin cells.


Simple start washing your face like usual and then press the button one time to put the device in Cleansing Mode and apply the touch-point part, that you’ve also wet, to one cheek by the ear and then oscillate back and forth from one cheek to the other by way of the chin for 15 seconds. Then apply it to the forehead and make like a windshield wiper and go back and forth over the forehead for 15 seconds and the last part of the face is the nose. Just glide the Luna up and down the nose for 15 seconds and you’re done. They also recommend using the smooth opposite side of the touch-points under the eyes in upward strokes but I’m not really comfortable with using it on such a delicate area.


They also say this has an Anti-Aging Surface, which you get to by pushing the button another time after putting it in Cleansing Mode. It’s basically using the device as a face massager, which I guess can help with aging by stimulation but I was more fascinated by the thorough cleansing it did! How do I know this? I went by how smooth the surface of my skin felt after using it. I even did a test a few times by alternating between my usual washcloth and the Luna and I truly felt a difference.

And because silicone is nonporous, you don’t have to worry about yucky bacteria getting trapped and there’s no parts to replace. Just charge it up and it’s ready to go.  

The Luna is $199 and you can also pick up the Luna mini for $139 and the Luna Luxe for $6,500. Yup you read that price correctly! And there are even versions of the Luna for men, so check them out and more @

Will you be replacing your current face cleansing tool with this one? Do tell in the comments!

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for review purposes.

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