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Monday, April 08, 2019

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer & Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer

just added five new shades of their Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer ($28/1oz @,,, Since temps are warming up, perhaps a heavy foundation is not in your wheel-well. The formula contains a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and is whipped like a mousse. It meets all the basic requirements for a tinted moisturizer like building up to a medium coverage, so if you’re in the market, this would be a good one to consider, especially if you have sensitive skin as all their products are formulated for it.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Findings on the First Aid Beauty Line

First-Aid-Beauty-Ultra-Repair-Cream Whenever Sephora takes a new brand on, you better pay attention because chances are, it’s pretty good. FIRST AID BEAUTY was created by a beauty industry veteran after what else? Seeing a gap in the marketplace for those with sensitive skin or those that have what is considered a challenging condition like rosacea or dermatitis. I became interested in the line after reading about it on Sephora and started by trying a few sample packets of the Ultra Repair Cream ($28/6oz @ their PR people sent to me. It’s for the face AND the body (how often do you come across that?) and is perfect for those who suffer from Eczema. The colloidal oatmeal and ceramides are especially helpful. I know I have mentioned this one spot about the size of a quarter on my right ankle that is perpetually dry so I’ve applied this a few times over the last 2 weeks to just that area and if it’s able to keep that spot moisturized for hours, I’m sold.

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