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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Easy Breezy with Firmoo

Since having Lasik eye surgery about 6 years ago, I thought, “that’s it. I’ll never have to wear glasses again!” And for someone who grew up pretty much blind without any correction, being able to see clearly before even getting out of bed was seriously something I only dreamed of.

Well hello aging and just one-of-those-things, my eyes have changed and I don’t see as well at night when driving and I for sure can notice the change if I’m watching a movie with subtitles.

So I reluctantly made an appointment to get my eyes checked last year and, yup, I’m back in glasses. Oh well. But I don’t need glasses to read yet and a lot of my friends now do, so I’m lucky in that department.

Maybe this Firmoo company heard that I was back to having to wear glasses because they contacted me last month to see if I wanted to try out a pair. Being someone who previously owned about seven different styles of frames BL (before Lasik), I said yes, for sure! I mean I need to build up my wardrobe again. And it really could not have been easier to pick out a style and order from this global optical online company. I’d never done it before so here’s how it works. 



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