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Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 Essential Beauty Tools That Make Life Easier!

I’ve tried different versions of the below items in their categories and here are the ones I have found to work best. Yes, some may seem trivial (a nail clipper, really??) but only when I’ve used one that’s crappy, do I actually think about it. And now, you don't have to!

Do you have any beauty tools that you stand by? Do share in the comments!


Best Foot Exfoliator and Nail File - FAN OUT Foot Scraper (small $35, large $42) and Nail File ($42). Both @ – when did I write about both of these? Wow, back on September 7, 2011 and both are still going strong and I use them quite regularly! Now that’s proof in the pudding.

Best Nail Clipper - REVLON Deluxe Nail Clipper - $2.49 @ and - I’ve tried a lot of different nail clippers over the years and these from Revlon truly are the best. They're always sharp and never break. I keep one in the house, one in the car, one in my purse. I think I own about 6 of these total!

Best Tongue Cleaner - BREATH RX Gentle Tongue Scraper - $6.99/3 scrapers @ – I know, I know, who wants to talk about something as sexy as cleaning your tongue? Food can get caught in there and simply using your toothbrush to clean it just doesn’t do the job so invest in some of these scrapers and really get that tongue clean.

Best Hair Styler - INSTYLER 3-1 Rotating Iron ($99 @ – a great tool for quickly taking out bedhead kinks in the morning. And they just came out with a new MAX version. Details coming soon!

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Is Fan Out Your Answer for Mani/Pedi Tools?

Isn’t about time you brought some major beauty tools into your life? How about a to-die-for Foot Scraper? And that Nail File sitting on your desk? Isn’t it like 3 years old and barely holding on for life? Ok, time to update. I’d like to introduce to you a Japanese hair shears manufacturer called FAN OUT and wow, I am very excited to share the info about these. While I didn’t care for the tweezers, I thought the Foot Scraper and Nail File were some of the best I’ve ever tried..

The Foot Scraper (small $35, large $42) – this stainless steel piece has small holes in it that are sharp around the edges to help exfoliate feet. And the directional lines in them make it easy to collect the unwanted dead skin so it doesn’t flake all over the place, which is usually the case. This one is really durable, totally washable, rust resistant and should last many years.

Fan-Out-Foot-Scraper-and-Nail-File Nail File ($32) - How many times have you heard not to even use a metal nail file on nails? So much so that I have not used one on the digits since 198something. Anyway, this one is also made of Japanese stainless steel and washable and rush resistant like the above one. It is quite flexible and boasts a 180 grids so it’s pretty light and will work for most kinds of nails. And they claim this is the only stainless steel nail file to have grooves throughout the entire surface and both sides or the file.

And the presentation of each product in a quality long black box is a nice touch but it’s not helping my hoarding of nice looking boxes. More info @

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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