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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Nail Polish that Requires on ONE Coat? It Exists ...

I think I may have found the most intensely pigment nail polish I’ve ever tried. It’s FACE STOCKHOLM’s Nail Polish and I tried it in #168 Cream Crocus, a purple eggplant color I received it in from this beauty box and thought it would be a nice change of pace from my usual red.

Now I’ve tried a few of the products from this brand but it was many years ago when my site was a monthly and I can’t even recall what they were exactly but I don’t think I ever tried any of the polishes. Theirs are 3-FREE and come in 99 different colors – from neons to nudes to dark, vampy burgundy, so you will find your color with these.

So back to applying this polish -  I prepped my toes like I normally do and applied one coat and waited for it to dry. When I went to apply a second, I really didn’t need it at all but I did, just in case. But back to the one coat, how often do you come across a polish that is so pigmented that it would look just fine with one coat? In the pic, I could have been more precise about the application and got a perfect application, which I probably should have for this post, but you get the gist of it, right? 

And it’s been chip-free for the past 8 days. Now I’m dying to try other shades from the brand as this could be my Hall of Fame polish brand. I’ll keep you posted! $12 @

Have you tried their polishes? Do tell in the comments!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Introducing Wantable...

We have a new beauty box subscription company on our hands. So what makes WANTABLE different?

We create unique customer profiles by asking customers a series of product and personality questions. We then use this data to introduce customers to assortments of products perfectly suited to their personal taste.

Each month our in-house and guest curators hand-pick beauty and fashion jewelry products from hundreds of quality boutique, specialty, and premium vendors to find the best on-trend items. Then we use each customer’s unique profile and purchase history to select the perfect set of products just for them. How do we do it? Some say magic, and it certainly seems that way. We say it’s a combination of talented curators and cool technology. Our customers are unique, so no two boxes are ever the same.

So what’s in this box? Click after the jump to see!


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