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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Everyday-Minerals,-Lise-Watier,-Essie Get your (fake) tan on and then apply these colors to make it pop!
ESSIE Nail Polish in Eternal Optimist ($8.50 @ from the Spring 2009 Collection.
EVERYDAY MINERALS Eye Shadow in Ruby Sand ($6/mini, $2.50/sample @
LISE WATIER Gloss Wow in Savana Dream ($18 @



Friday, March 06, 2009

Quick Pick – Eyes – Everyday Minerals

Everyday-Minerals-in-Laptop I am all about the metallics right now. I seemed to be into it big time every couple of months now! And I’m getting my fix right now from EVERYDAY MINERALSEye Shadow in Laptop ($6/3.5grams or $2.50/sample @ is a rich mocha with a touch of plum and totally wearable for day or night.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Good With Minerals

I had a couple of readers write in about skin irritating ingredients in mineral makeup, foundation specifically. So many different lines are popping up these days that it’s starting to get confusing. So here’s what I thought we’d do – over the next two months, we’ll examine mineral lines on the rise, the kinds of ingredients they use and what that means for you. We’ve featured most of them on these pages before but let’s really get to the bottom of each.


And let’s really try and put the myth to bed that mineral makeup is actually good for your skin. Remember how everyone is throwing the word “natural” around these days? Well these companies are too and some of the ingredients can be just as irritating and un-natural as their non-mineral-based competition. This info from the Cosmetic Cop is worth the read. Don’t mistake this thinking we are not fans, as we are especially when it comes to the glimmer shadows from BE. *sigh*


Ok, onward. First up, the EVERYDAY MiNERALS line and their line which includes Foundations, Finishing Powders, Pressed Powders. Created by an ultra-busy Mom, the Founder was one of the first estheticians in California making headway into the area of all-natural and organic in the area of beauty.


Ingredient breakdown of powders:Everydayminreals_2


Mica – transparent mineral mined from the earth that provides light reflection (think of those liquid foundations that contain ingredients to lessen the look of wrinkles to the naked eye)


Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide - sunscreens


Iron Oxide – a natural color without dyes or animal ingredients


(some of the shades contain) Ultramarine Blue – ingredient used in blue and purple shades (the cool shades)


What we like about this line:


* Besides having a vast array of foundation shades, they really go the extra mile in getting it exactly right with warm vs cool complexions.


* Doesn’t contain some of the well-known skin irritating ingredients.


* The packaging has some thought behind it. What I mean by that is I’m really not enticed by some of the Mom and Pop mineral makeup brands out there. Sorry but I need good-looking packaging too. So shoot me.


* The prices are very reasonable and most of them come in these three sizes: $2.50/sample, $6/mini, $12/big


* 100% money-back guarantee.


What we feel can be improved upon:


* The website is not the easiest to navigate.


* Sizes do not give you exact measurement of product. Did I miss this on the site?


So do you currently wear mineral makeup? Why do you like it? Check out this line @

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