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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Exploring a New Option For Hair Color with eSalon

How many times have you seen a product/service that seems spot on and said, “I wish I thought of that!!” Well this next one falls into that category and I really think it bridges a gap between the drugstore box of hair color and the salon hair color service. It’s eSalon and could be your answer to getting a great single-process hair color in your own home using professional grade ingredients.

In the drugstore, just looking at a picture of a color on a box is not exactly my idea of accuracy when it comes to choosing a hair color, though I have done it many times. And then there’s the limited shade selection because what’s light auburn to one company can be drastically different to another. So it really is a guessing game, so what’s today’s woman to do? She’s on a budget and still needs to look good for work and well, life. According to, 90 million women currently color their hair, so how are they all getting it done? 



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