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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Have You Met Dr. Sponge?

Ever since this feature, I’ve been continuing to explore other devices to use to cleanse the skin, which brings me to the latest, DR. SPONGE. It’s a line face and body sponges comprised of konjac fibers, which is from the Konjac plant found in Eastern Asia. The plant makes this sponge 100% sustainable and they have become a very popular way to cleanse the skin in the past few years.

When the sponge is dry, it feels like a hard piece of thick Styrofoam but when it’s submerged in water and able to soak it in, it gives the sponge a Jell-O-like texture. So it’s really gentle yet it’s still able to gently exfoliate and keeps the skin’s pH balance. Pretty amazing.



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