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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Denese Day Cream Means No White

Dr-Denese-SPF-30-Defense-Day-Cream I’ve become quite used to the fact that when I wear an SPF over a 15 SPF that is Zinc-Oxide based, I’m going to have to chill for at least 10 minutes afterward, while I wait for the white cream to sinks into my skin. No a huge deal but an inconvenience none-the-less. But not anymore! Yippee! A breakthrough! DR. DENESE SPF 30 Defense Day Cream ($34/1.5oz @ is your broad spectrum UVA/UVB (a good one has both) protection and self-adjusting tinted moisturize. Yes, the cream comes out looking a medium beige-y color but rub it on, it will look like yours! Again, it’s self-adjusting so no guessing in the store or online at which one will probably work. Just think … No chalky white mess! I’m am over the top excited about this one and the matte finish makes this one a GREAT makeup primer. Big recommendation!

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