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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get Closer to Your Mate with Dossage

File this next one under, this is a first. What is it? A fragrance for women and a fragrance for men meant to be worn as a couple. DOSSAGE is an independent perfume house calling California its home since 2012 and is inspired by the founder’s love of travel, color, love and multiples of the number 8.

And with 8 is the No. 8 Couples Scents.

For Her: citrus, tangerine, lemon, black currant, red fruits, lily of the valley and white musk.
For Him: citrus, crushed green leaves, lily of the valley and sandalwood.

So you wear the For Her and give the For Him to your man and watch what happens. They don’t claim it will be everlasting love but that through contact with one another, you create a third scent and harmony (the 8 rotated left or right is the symbol for infinity).

So how is it working so far with the SO? We’re still together … 

$75/1.7oz @

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