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Friday, December 08, 2017

Are You on the Nutricosmetics Bandwagon?

By now, we all know that what you put on your skin is as important or equally important, as what you put in your body. And there is a thing called ingestible beauty that I guess could be what daily vitamins are called, but it goes deeper than that.

They are called Nutricosmetics and are on the rise with one publication claiming it will be multi-billion dollar industry by 2020, and why shouldn’t it be? We do it with vitamin pills so why not take it in a powder form? I am very open to this idea!


One on that bandwagon with their superfood powders is DOPE NATURALLY. Their products are USDA-certified, organic, Paleo, gluten-free, raw and extracted from whole-food sources. These blends also contain no added sugars and are free from soy, pea, help and rice proteins as well as preservatives, chemical additives, animal products and superfluous calories. I'm pretty sure you probably can't get any more pure than this. Choose from 4 superfood formulas, which only contain 4 ingredients each.

Shown here:

  • Beet Force Powder ($35/8oz) – ingredients are powders of beet root (1.5 beets per serving), dragonfruit, mulberry and mangosteen. Great for overall energy, stamina, is anti-inflammatory.
  • Melonaid Protein Powder ($45/14.8oz) – ingredients are powders of watermelon seeds (yes, just the seeds!), powders of beets (1.5 beets per serving), dragonfruit and freeze dried strawberries. Promotes collagen production and improves muscle tone.

They recommend adding 1 to 2 tbsp to water, coconut water, lattes, smoothies, ice cream or yogurt. I’ve done the coconut water with a scoop of the Melonaid and frozen cherries, and then I put two scoops in my yogurt the other day. It’s become my favorite!



What I like about these powders is that when I make a smoothie, the powder stays mixed in with the other ingredients and doesn’t separate. Sometimes this does happen and oy, so annoying.

So what do they taste like? The Melonaid tasted like nuts and I found I could make a simple shake with few ingredients with it. The Beet Force Powder is, well, more of a force if you are not totally into beets. I like them but don’t eat them weekly with a meal, so that powder is a little more challenging to find ways to ingest it but I'm doing it!

Read up more about these @ and let your imagination run wide with what you can include these in.

Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided for review purposes.

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