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Saturday, April 04, 2009

You Better Work ... Dionis!

For some reason I am singing Supermodel by RuPaul in my head while I type this. I guess these products make me think of it! After all, now is the perfect time to put these products out. DIONIS is giving us an inspirational bath and body collection called Inspire by Dionis to help lift our spirits and nourish your body parts! My favorites right now:


Strong Hand Therapy Cream ($9.95/4oz) – the Strong line smells of citrus, honeysuckle, lotus flower, white tea and cedarwood.


Kind Sugar Scrub ($9.95/4.5oz) – the Kind products are a sparkly fusion of tangerine, fresh ginger, peach nectar, yellow jasmine and ylang, ylang.


Smart Hand & Body Lotion ($9.95/8oz) – gimme these Smart ones that are a soft watery blend of lily, pink rose dew, lilac blossom, fresh lavender and orange flower. Wow-weee!


All @



Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Beginning To SMELL A Lot Like Christmas

Dionis-Ginger-Mint Part of the holiday season that I love are the scents like pine and peppermint. It just makes me want to grab Lucy (the cat) and go snuggle in a big blanket! So when DIONISGinger Mint Collection flew onto my desk, I was delighted to try them out. It’s totally on with any of these:


Sugar Scrub ($5.99/8oz), Hand Cream ($8.99/4oz), Three-In-One Shampoo/Body Wash/Bubble Bath ($12/99/16oz), Body Lotion ($9.99/8oz) and Lip Gloss ($4.99/.5oz tube).


This collection is limited edition so get it while it’s hot! All @



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dionis Helps Us Get Grounded In Nature



We could all go a little without when it comes to beauty products. How about no parabens and artificial dyes? DIONIS SOAP’s Grounded In Nature collection doesn’t contain these ingredients and the products still pass our test. Choose from Peppermint scented products to White Clover to Almond to Tropical Fruit. With these, you’ll never feel that you’re going without.


Product picks:

Almond Moisturizing Oatmeal Soap ($3.95/5oz)

Peppermint Soothing Foot Butter ($5.95/4oz)

Tropical Fruit Cuticle Cream ($4.95/.70oz)


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing Queen with Dionis

SpadionisIt’s surprising how much dirt I pick up on my bare feet just walking around my apartment on the hardwood floors. Yes, I clean them regularly (floors and feet) so I can’t figure it out. It was with much delight that when SPA DIONISnew Foot Scrub and Foot Butter came across my desk, I instantly had to try them. Look for this frosty mint Foot Scrub to not only deodorize your soles but it uses walnut shell powder, botanicals and rich butters from Shea and mango to really get to the deep surface dirt.


I like putting the Foot Butter on my feet and then putting socks on. Better to dirty the socks than feet, right? This one uses beeswax, jojoba oil, and Shea butter to nourish your newfound layer of skin. Hello high heels…

$13.95/6oz each @

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