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Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift Picks - Candles

Present The holidays are a great time to try a new candle lines and scents. You’ll be expecting company and can seem totally in the know on the candle front so mix it up by burning one with a unique scent. Here are a few recommendations.


NEST in Periwinkle Hyacinth ($32/8.1oz = 50 hours @ – periwinkle, hyacinth and lilac combined with green leaves and cloves.


 TOCCA Holiday Candela – Cortina ($46/11oz = 60 hours @ - Elemi Wood and crisp Pine spiked with wood.


DELIRIUM & CO Pear & Violet ($38/7.9oz = 55 hours @ from the Silver Collection

Pear, violet, sage, bergamot and tea tree.



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