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Friday, September 21, 2018

Score a #PersonalCareWin with Unilever this Season

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Dove Men+Care AXE Degree products at Target

I’ve pretty much avoided fall's college football season, but since my boyfriend and I moved in together, my house has become football central on Saturdays! And I must say, I don’t really mind it. Since my SO went to UCLA, the UCLA Bruins are our team. We’ve only gone to a few parties so far this fall but I feel like ours will be the best house parties out of our group of friends. We have a great space to entertain and I just love getting the house all ready for company.

Since I can only take so much viewing of the actual games, I look forward to spending some “me time” by heading over to Target to get my weekly shopping done or I just kick my feet up and shop @ Yes, girls, take advantage of getting some shopping done! Not only do we get our football food shopping done at Target when it’s our turn to host, but my boyfriend has been super open to me making suggestions in the grooming department.


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Sunday, July 29, 2018

#DryDaysofSummer with Dry Sprays from CVS

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It's been especially hot this summer so for a lot of the weekend days so I've been just wanting to stay home in the AC. However, it's summer and there are a lot of great things to be outside doing like dancing! Every summer in Los Angeles, the city has themed dance nights downtown every other weekend and I just love going. It’s a great way to meet up with different groups of friends I maybe haven’t been in touch with lately.

Last week I did salsa with an old neighbor and his new fiancée and next weekend will be Bollywood from about 8 former coworkers. I like how fun and open the crowd that attends seems to be, the free lessons to remind you of key steps, and the food trucks they have available to keep the crowd hydrated and fed throughout the night. above pic courtesy of



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Monday, April 23, 2018

#WorkoutWithoutOdor with Unilever

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

As the temps go up, the clothes come off and you want to look good out at the beach or in that cute mini dress. So in the spring, I try and up my workout routine. As much as I’m not a fan of working out, it’s a must for me and this season I decided to try something new, boxing. I’ve only been at it for 6 weeks but it’s fun and what helps in the motivation department is my SO. He is so loyal to his workout regimen all year round, so I look at him to help me stay on track, especially when I borrow his car with the huge trunk. I see his gym bag back there and it also reminds to also stay on track. It’s the little things.



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Saturday, April 30, 2011

See the Latest in Technology from Degree

Degree-Women-Expert-Protection-with-motionSENSE When I think of technology and the category of beauty, a few where you can really see it come to mind – skin care, toothpaste and this next one, deodorant. DEGREE just put out a doosie of an anti-perspirant/deodorant that contains their own motionSENSE technology. They came up with it based on their research that the average women moves her arm 5,000 times a day – from brushing her teeth, to walking the dog to putting on makeup. How do you even count these motions? Anyway, the core ingredient is activated by motion and no moisture, like most, and how it works is when there’s motion, micro-capsules break open and do their work.

They are rolling out some anti-perspirants/deodorants in the coming months but the first one to show itself is the brand’s Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE. I’ve been wearing it daily for a few weeks but the ultimate test was the last two weekends hiking Runyon Canyon (if you live in LA, you have probably hiked it). My underarms were totally dry at the end of each hike, unlike the rest of me! $4.16/2.6oz @ mass market retail stores.

And be sure to read more about this technology @

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Degree Clinical Has Got Your Covered

I’ve tried out a couple of these Clinical Strength protection deodorants since they started coming out and this DEGREE Clinical Protection for Women ($7.99/1.7oz @ one is probably the best one I’ve tried. Know that the ones that say “Clinical” on them are not like your regular deodorants that you apply afterDegree-Clinical-Protection-deodorant the shower or in the morning. This one goes on before you go to bed at night. That way the formula has a chance to work and work, it does - No wetness or odor. All Degree deodorants are the ones that are made with TRIsolid body response technology so as your degree goes up, so does the protection. I might have remembered that last part straight from the commercial ingrained in my brain. Good campaign.

Anyways, choose from three scents – Shower Clean, Sheer Powder or Classic Romance.

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