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Friday, January 09, 2015

5 Favorite ... Tools for Hair Teasing

I’ll admit it, I’m tease-challenged when it comes to giving my hair some good root volume. I just can’t seem to get the tease to go the distance, which I attribute to having fine hair. I’ve seen some people just use a plain ol’ comb but I’m just not that talented, so thankfully there are some products and tools out there to help. Here are my 5 Favorites... 


1. VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron $129.99 @

2. SPORNETTE Little Wonder Boar-Nylon Bristle Teasing Brush $8 @,

3. CRICKET Amped Up Styling Brush $5.99 @

4. BIG SEXY HAIR What A Tease - Backcomb in a Bottle $19.95/4.4oz @

5. TOOL STRUCTURE 3 Row Styling Comb $2.49 @

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Get A Jerseylicious Tease with Spornette and Cricket

I’m a little too fascinated by all things big hair these days; maybe it’s the watching of too much Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore and the Millionaire Matchmaker. Big hair, teased crown, I want it all and I’m living vicariously through these TV shows. In my own hands, I’ve got these two shown here that are helping me get the look but what I really need is, and I’ve stated this on twitter, Tracy DiMarco to come and do my hair.


CRICKET & CO. Amped UP Teasing Brush ($4.39 @ – this one mixes up boars bristles and nylon and are multi-leveled - longer in the middle and shorter around the outside. Great for the novice like me. Availabel in Blue, Pink and Purple.

SPORNETTE Big Wonder Brush Boar and Tourmaline #131 ($7.50 – if you are a pro with the tease, this one is a good step up as it gives you more surface area.

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