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Friday, November 10, 2017

Enter to Win SweetCheeks Massage Mat & Hydroxycut



Monday, June 20, 2016

Enter to Win a Gift from Lizora

Have you noticed the new look of the site? It was time and to celebrate, I’ve got a few giveaways up my sleeve! First one is from the buzzing Lizora brand and their Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream. Have you heard of this yet? It’s kind of an all-in-one – cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer. Read more about this remarkable product here.

I have two give away so enter below!

Monday, May 09, 2016

Sedona Lace Makeup Brush & Belt Giveaway

Remember this makeup brush set from Sedona Lace I featured a few weeks ago? Well I've got a set and the makeup brush belt to giveaway! 

The Votex Synthetic Brush Set includes all the essential makeup brushes you could ever need to do your makeup! In addition to the 13 brushes, one winner will also receive the Makeup Artist Brush Belt. It's a great way to store your brushes and also have them at-the-ready when doing your makeup. 

Both together are a $134.90 retail value!

Since the last contest I ran a few weeks ago created some nice awareness around distracted driving, let's keep it going! Enter below and good luck!

Monday, April 11, 2016

#TruckMyPurse Campaign & Contest!

There are a few things about myself that I just know. One is that when I take a trip, I never take enough clothes; I’m an underpacker (that’s a subject for another post). Another thing I know is that if I’m in the car driving and I hear the ding of a new text or a call coming in, it takes everything I have not to sneak a peek. And I know that’s bad. We’ve all heard, “don’t text and drive,” and for the most part people probably don’t but now it seems that we have moved onto the next stage which is just looking at the phone. Like a new message or a Facebook feed. This is called distracted driving. And I know just plain looking at the phone like this is going to get me in trouble one of these days.

I know that the different car insurance companies and other sites have done a lot of studies on this topic herehere, and here and there’s even a website dedicated to it here. I even saw one insurance company asking people to put a red piece of tape around their thumb to show their commitment! Really?? Umm, just no to that.

Clearly no one has the answer so I started doing something I do when I buy McDonald’s French Fries. I know I can’t stop my hands from stuffing a few fries in my mouth here and there on the drive home, so a few years ago I started putting the whole bag of food in my truck so I wouldn’t be tempted. So with this action in mind, I recently started putting my whole purse, including the phone, in the trunk so I wouldn’t be tempted.

And since it’s in the trunk I don’t even hear the phone go “ding” anyway!



So I thought I would see if I can get a few of readers to keep from being distracted when behind the wheel and partake in a #TrunkMyPurse campaign. As in, before you get in the car, put the purse in the trunk, and then be on your way.

And as an incentive, I’m attaching a contest to it! There will be 3 winners – 1 big winner and 2 runner-ups. And believe me, the prizes will be pretty amazing! I’m cleaning out the beauty closet to make way for all the spring and summer releases and all the new, unused, mostly (about 95%) full sized products must go!

Here are just some of the brands I'm giving away - 


Dove, St. Ives, Make Up For Ever, Zuca, Nyx, Pelo-Hair, Happy Hands, CoverGirl, Cailyn Cosmetics, Stila, Benefit Cosmetics, Maybelline, Mary Kay, Sephora, We See Beauty, Emani, Wet n Wild, Aroma Crystal, Estee Lauder, Votre Vu, Gleam by Melanie Mills, Beauty Addicts, Zuca, Spornette, Shiseido, KISS, Pixi Beauty, Bare Escentuals, Reese Roberts Beauty, Beauty 360, Urban Decay, Tarte, Flickable, Truth Vitality, Crown Brush, The Body Shop, Teadora, Redken, Physicians Formula, Tazeka, Shiseido, Nivea

~Just enter below and good luck~ and don't forget to remind yourself to #TruckMyPurse before you get behind the wheel!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

*Contest* WIN Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit + 4 Polishes

I really think readers will enjoy trying to win this Pro Kit from RED CARPET MANICURE! I really liked it (read my review here) and think this will open the doors for more at-home gel-polish kits.

I'm also throwing in 4 of the LED Gel Polish colors (from L to R) - My Thank You Speech (red glitter), Award Winning (gold), I Can’t Believe It (silver), and It’s A Champagne Night (pinky beige).

Enter through Rafflecopter below and good luck!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Win Brazilian Heat by Mega Hot Curling Iron

In continuing to celebrate 11 years of publishing, here is another contest for you to enter.

Win Brazilian Heat by Mega Hot Tourmaline Ceramic 1 1/2" Curling Iron!

Enter through Rafflecopter below!



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Took Me So Long to Discover L'Oreal Paris' Infallible Lipcolours?

The more lip glosses I try the more I realize how kind of amazing these are at staying on lips. So of course I have to wonder what took me so long to discover their, L’OREAL PARIS, Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compact. Uh-maze-ing! Not only does the color stay on for hours but it doesn’t flake or smear off. I think we’ve all tried something like this by now and most seem to stay for a little while but eventually come off and usually by flaking dryly off. These did make my lips a little on the dry but that’s after I took it off after wearing it for 8 or so hours, so that was ok in my book!


L'Oreal-Paris-Infallible-Lipcolor-in-Beyonce If you’re not familiar with how these work, one side is the color and it’s like a paint and not thick and waxy at all like a lipstick. The other tube in the duo is a clear chapstick-type of glosser, they call a conditioning topcoat. So when the color needs to be refreshed, just reapply the topcoat, not the color again.


Dare I say that I think they are better than these? I think they just might be!


And the container acts like a mirror. Nice added bonus!


They just came out with their Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Compact Collection ($11.99 @ or drugstores nationwide) and I’ve got a set to giveaway to one lucky reader. The colors are: Beyoncé (Beyoncé’s Red), Andie MacDowell (Andie’s Rose), Diane Keaton (Diane’s Tuberose), Eva Longoria Parker (Eva’s Caramel), Kate del Castillo (Kate’s Plum) and Linda Evangelista (Linda’s Beige).


Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Addition to the Hall of Fame - White Sands

White-Sands-Stuck-Up-styling-spray Trophy Do you ever really find a product you like and use it, have fun, etc, and then forget about it? A video I watched by rosebud143 reminded me of the WHITE SANDS line and this product that I wrote about a while ago. Since my hair is really getting long (well past my shoulders now), I’m able to curl it and go for the loose waves look more often and so I’ve been revisiting their Stuck-Up Mega Hold Styling Spray and I feel like I am discovering it for the first time! And I have not found one to do the same thing since. Imagine being able to apply your spray to your hair before applying the heat from a flat iron or curling iron. Such hold and it helps your curls last longer than they normally would and without looking crunchy.


I have two things going on with Stuck-Up – first is I am adding to the Hall of Fame – yes, it’s that good.


And second is, I have 10 cans to giveaway to you so enter below and good luck!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Cybelesays Special Report - "Nice Nails, Girl!"

I can’t even begin to express the elation with this latest discovery. I’ve complained quite a bit the last few months that my nails don’t grow. They peel and are just generally blah, when it comes to cool and lady-like. I envy Scrangie and All Lacquered Up. They can apply, remove, apply and remove yet again and still have nice looking nails in the end. What is my discovery that has me simply giddy? Artificial nails as in the press on kind! And have they come a long way from the Lee Press On Nails from many moons ago. And with the economic climate, who can afford a weekly manicure at the salon. And the styles are a lot more realistic with most making short and sporty lengths to medium lengths. And the glue they use really adheres them on nicely so pop-offs are pretty rare. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the topic and here is what I can tell you.

  • Most packs contain anywhere from 24 to 48 nails so there are a lot of sizes to choose from. You WILL find your sizes.
  • Prices run between $4.99 to $7.99 a pack.
  • Like makeup, quite a few brands seem to do seasonal collections.
  • You can wear them from seven days to ten days.
  • Tip shapes range from roundish to squoval and you can get short or sporty length to a medium. Gone are the dragon claws!
  • Best variety of nails seems to be found at Rite Aid stores.
  • There was no glue that stuck out as better than another.
The major brands that make full coverage nails that I could find are Pretty Woman USA, Nail Bliss and the ones I tried below. Here are some details and observations on each.


Click here to read more

Monday, December 01, 2008

Bobbi Brown Contest!

Let’s do our part with the biggest shopping day of the year except you won’t be losing, you will be gaining. What the dealio? See below and be sure to enter!


Bobbi-Brown-Makeup-Manual What: BOBBI BROWN Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro in hardcover ($32 @ Who else should you be taking makeup tips from besides Ms. Brown? No one! In her third book, she covers everything from skin care to makeup tips and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Time to brush up on your technique and add some new ones while you're at it!



Who: We will randomly pick 7 winners


How to enter --- Post a meaningful comment on a Cybelesays post (something a little more than, "I love this color!" or "How cute!" I think you get the picture). Then, email your full name and address to Cybelesays. And feel free to comment on more than one post. We love that!
Don't forget to let us know how you found if you are a new reader.


Wanna get more than one entry? If you have a blog, post about the contest and then email the link. You'll receive an extra entry for writing about the contest on your site. You must also comment on a post and email your full contact info.




** Entries must be received by 6pm PST, December 10, 2008 * Entries are two part - a comment on a post and an email, which includes your full name and mailing address * Both must be completed or you will not be entered into this randomly picked drawing * Those who have won a Cybelesays contest in the last 3 contests will not be eligible to win * Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win* One entry per household and email address unless the contest is blogged about **

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