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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Clarsskin Gives Us Something New To Think About

File this next one under something I didn’t know I even needed but think of it like the face primer – you didn’t know you needed it and now you can’t live without it. And like the primer, this one is part of my routine.Clarsskin-Underarm-Cleanser Great, another step! This CLARSSKIN Underarm Cleanser ($22/4oz @ is just that, an underarm cleanser that removes any traces of antiperspirant deodorant. So everytime you get out of the shower and apply it, your pores will be clean and ready to take on a new swipe of your sweat-stopping stuff. From what I read, deodorants leave behind metals and that’s what stains your white shirt yellow (yuck) so this makes sure all traces of it are removed so that won’t happen anymore.

And you can use this for shaving. And just think about the closer shave you will probably get now!


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