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Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying a Cult Favorite

Borghese-Fango-Active-Mud-for-Face-and-Body I seemed to have fallen behind in my face mask usage and what better way to get back on board than with a cult favorite? The mask is from Italian brand BORGHESE and it’s their cult favorite Fango Active Mud for Face and Body. Not only does the product have quite the following but it just celebrated 25 years in production! No small feat. So what’s so great about this algae looking gunk? Well it is made with mud from a volcano located in Tuscany so it’s really rich in minerals and botanicals. It also contains their trademarked Acqua di Vita Complex ingredient, which is found in many of their products and they claim it’s a mood enhancer. Fascinating!

So if you are considering this one, know that it does triple duty – cleans out pours, exfoliates and hydrates. Got a few to kill? Apply a thin layer on the face, neck and décolletage and relax. $33.50/7oz, $64/17.6oz @

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided to for review purposes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not All Nudes are Created Equal

Nude-Nail-Polish-with-Orly-and-Borghese These two nail polishes would both fall in the category of “nudes” but how far from each other are they in real life? I mean ORLY’s Dream Boat ($7.50 @ is more of a white tan, I think and the BORGHESE Biscotto Beige ($8 @ I’d call more of a brown nude. But like any shade, each of these has a time and place and as any good nail polish wearing girl will tell you, it’s not always the same!


Disclosure: Samples of these items were provided to for review purposes.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Color Pick 2010 ~ Coral ~

When I’m walking down the street or in the mall and see someone with a pop of color on like a shirt or bag, I always end up saying in my head, “That looks cool. I gotta get me something in that shade.” And I do make an effort but I find myself gravitating back to the blacks and beiges. Why is this? I mean a pop of color always feels so fun and right. One area I seem to be successful in adding a pop of color to is my makeup routine. Lips or eyes or cheeks, why not add one of the colors of the season, coral to your look?


Here are some more picks in the on-going Spring Color Picks feature. Consider picking up any of these.


From L to R clockwise:

JAPONESQUE Eye Majic Instant Eyes in Slate Coral ($6/2 pair @
Nail Lacquer
in Coral Wave ($14 @
Painted Lady Lipstick
in Hot Shot ($6 @
Cellular Lip Colour Effects
in Breezy Coral ($40 @
Nail Lacquer
in Maraschino ($8 @
 Color Sensational Lipcolor
in Coral Crush ($7.49 @
NP SET by Napoleon Perdis
On the Double Pen Black Liquid Eyeliner + Coral Cream Blush
($13 @
Pure Coral Charm Sheer Lip Tint
($3.99 @
Cheek Blush
in Golden Coral ($14 @


Disclosure: Some of these items were provided to for review purposes. Some I bought.


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