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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wipes that Could Change Your Life

Since my 20’s, I’ve been pretty good with making sure I take off all my makeup and wash my face at the end of the day. But lately I find myself reaching for a wipe to wash my face if I’m just too glued to a TV show that I can’t get up and do the whole process, so I've been keeping these close by. I've tried a LOT of wipes and these are the ones that have saved my skin!


OLE HENRIKSEN Truth To Go Wipes ($6/10 wipes, $15/30 wipes, $25/60 wipes @

KOH GEN DO Cleansing Water Cloths ($39/3x10 packs of cloths @

NYR ORGANIC Organic Facial Wipes ($9/25 wipes @

BOOTS No7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes ($6.99/25 wipes @

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Honey, Honey Part IV

Alas, we come to the end of our four-part feature on great products that contain HONEY as an ingredient. Did you know that dark-colored honey, like buckwheat honey (didn’t even know there were different varieties), has higher levels of antioxidants than the lighter-colored varieties? Think of it as white bread vs. wheat bread. Check out some of these other posts from this on-going feature to see even more benefits of honey. Amazing!


  1. JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner ($27/4.75oz @
  2. INANNA Foaming Oat & Honey Facial Cleanser ($14.50/1.2oz @
  3. BEAUTIFUL KIDS NATURAL PRODUCTS Sassy Gentle Shower Gel ($8.70/8oz @
  4. KATHLEEN LEWIS Organic Lip Balm ($11/.5oz @
  5. BOOTS 'Mediterranean' Orange Chamomile & Honey Body Wash ($6.99/6.6oz @

In closing, here’s an interesting fact about honey: One common misconception about honey is that when it gets cloudy and crystallizes, it has gone bad. This is not true--in fact, all honey will crystallize over time. The rate of crystallization is determined by the makeup of the nectar. Some honeys will crystallize in just a few days, while others will remain liquid for years. If honey begins to crystallize, it can be liquefied by placing the container in hot water for about 15 minutes.

Crystallization occurs faster at low temperatures, so it's better to store honey at room temperature rather than to refrigerate it. It should be tightly capped to keep the honey from absorbing moisture in the air--if too much moisture is absorbed, yeasts can begin to grow. Source


Thursday, June 05, 2008



What girl doesn’t love flowers? Here are a few products that exploit some of my favorite scents ever.

  • Violet - BLUE Q Violet + Quince Body Wash ($11.99/8.5oz @ from the Cute As Hell line.
  • Passion Flower BOOTS Passion Flower & Cupuacu Hand & Nail Cream ($9.99/8.4oz @ Target stores nationwide) from the new Amazon Forest collection.
  • Jasmine KORRES Body Butter in new Jasmine ($21/5.07oz @
  • OrchidBATH & BODYWORKS Body Splash in Enchanted Orchid ($5/8oz @
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall Color Pick - Mauve

Think purple is too much for some occasions? Then try its cousin Mauve. In addition to purple wine, green moss, and nude shimmer, mauve is kicking up quite a storm in fashion this fall. The best trait about the shade is that is can be a focus color or blend in the background. Here are our picks for our fourth color pick for the fall, Mauve:

  1. DURI COSMETICS Nail Enamel in All About Mauve $5 @
  2. LORAC Lip Polish in Delicious $17.50 @
  3. MAC Lip Liner in Dervish $12.50 @
  4. VON NATUR Lip Colour in Lovage (discontinued)
  5. SUSAN POSNICK Colorforever Long Lasting Lip Color/Conditioner in Janis $24 @
  6. KIEHL’S Lip Gloss in Icy Everest $13.50 @
  7. BARE ESCENTUALS bareMinerals 100% Natural Lip Color in Ripe Fig $15 @
  8. ORLY Nail Lacquer in Not Your Mama’s Mauve $7 @
  9. SCOTT BARNES Creme Color in Sultry $24 @
  10. MILANI Powder Mosaics in Honey Kissed $7.49 @
  11. SEPHORA Nail Polish in #37 $4 @
  12. BOOTS No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in #75 Sugar Plum $9.99 @
  13. NARS Lip Lacquer in Sweet Charity $23 @
Saturday, November 10, 2007

Travel Friendly Wipes

Bootswipes_2I am really loving these BOOTS No7 Quick-Thinking 4-in1-Wipes ($6.99/30 pack @ I recently went on a motorcycle trip through Albuquerque and back to Los Angeles and these were my saving grace as I could only pack a backpack on the bike.

Each thick wipe cleanses, tones, removes makeup and moisturizes. What does the work? The pro B5, natural witch hazel and fennel. Perfect for any traveling you have to do this season!

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