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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Product Picks – Makeup!

Ok, ramp up the parties and get gorgeous with any of these that were put out just for the holiday! Well, almost all of them (one I couldn't resist putting it in here). Which would you choose?


TARTE ‘Brushed with Destiny’ Set of 5 Bamboo Brushes & Makeup Bag - $44 @

PIXI BEAUTY Nail Colour in God Jul! $8 @

CHANEL Reve D’Orient Quadra Eye Shadow - $70 @

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights - $25/3-5g tubes @ 

FERRO COSMETICS Mojo Glow Mineral Bronzer - $25 @

DOLCE & GABBANA The Bronzer Collector’s Edition in Desert $51 only @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Macy's locations. 

ARDENCY INN MODSTER Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner Trio - $29 @ and

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided for review purposes. Some I bought.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gift Pick: For the Beauty Lover Who Has It All

SnowmanWhat It Is: BECCA COSMETICS The One Perfecting Brush - $49 @

Why I Like It: I was recently introduced to this brush even though it’s been out for a while, I know, I know, gimme a break on this one, and I’m flummoxed at just how diverse it is; I haven’t met one like it … ever! You ready? It can be used with your cream makeup, powders, self-tanner, and liquids like lotions and you can go from each one of those without cleaning this brush in-between applications. Pretty unheard of.

The secret, or not so secret, to it is the non-porous goat hair bristles. Any product you use with it sits on top of the bristles instead of absorbing into the hairs or deep in the brush near the base.

It measure 3.5” wide, fits snug in the hand and I have to say that the bristles are just perfects spaced out so whatever product you use with this one will get a nice application.

And just for the holidays, they made it in a limited-edition chic gold. 


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Review: Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Becca-Ever-Matte-Priming-PerfectorIf you haven’t incorporated a face primer into your daily makeup routine by now, you are really missing out. Might I suggest this next goodie add to your arsenal? The BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector ($36/1.35oz @ is recommended for two things – big pores and if you have a problem with oiliness. I don’t really have an issue with either so I can’t tell you how this helps those, however, what I really liked about this one is the overall matteness this makes my face, and they claim 8 hours of mattness, which I pretty much can agree with, which is from their exclusive ingredient inside called EverMat. And I really can feel how matte my face is after applying this. Not sure why I like that so much but it seems to provide a really nice foundation for whatever you put on next. And know that this one is free of silicones (silicones are certainly not bad but I know some try to avoid them in their everyday products), oil, alcohol and fragrance.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Review+Swatches - Becca Cosmetics Endless Summer Collection

Gotta love the way mineral powders blend so well into the skin. If you’re afraid of blush but love color on your cheeks, I highly recommend a mineral one since they really do become one with the skin.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Color Picks 2010

Pantone-Fashion-Color-Report-Spring-2010 If you follow any aspect of fashion, you’ve heard that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2010 is Turquoise. Just hearing that news recently made me want to redo my living room or at least add some turquoise accents. Did I? No but I it did make me think of beauty products and how I could reflect the trend in my everyday makeup look with a splash of liquid on my nails or powder on my lids. “Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.”


Other colors of the Spring Season? Tomato Purée, Fusion Coral, Violet and Tuscany, to name a few. So what does that mean to you? I’ll be highlighting some products that showcase the colors in an on-going feature called Spring Color Picks. First up? Turquoise and Tomato Purée. I’m pairing the soothing blue-green and the tangy classic red in one feature as I think they balance each other out nicely. 


So you wanna see the product picks? 


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